The 3-6-1 American Soccer Hall of Fame

Welcome to the 361 Hall of Fame. Or the 361HOF, as the kids are calling it. The 361HOF honors important figures in US soccer history with an audio profile.

Some of these people (note the gender neutral pronoun) will be players. Some will be coaches. Some will be neither. All will have done something remarkable, something to help grow the beautiful game in the USA. So take a seat, open your ears, and click on a name below to hear the profile.

Why is it called the 361 Hall of Fame?

Eddie Pope
Possibly the finest central defender that America has ever produced. Certainly the best to ever play for DC United.

Paul Caligiuri
Without his goal against Trinidad & Tobago in 1989, you wouldn’t be reading this website.

Henry Kissinger
Say what you like about realpolitik, the former Secretary of State has done more than any other politician in American history to advance soccer in America.

Brian McBride ProfileBrian McBride
The greatest centre forward the USA has ever produced. Unbeatable in the air and the inspiration for the movie “Unbreakable”. Probably.

Mia Hamm
Speed + skill + borderline crazy competitiveness = 275 international appearances, 158 international goals, two World Cup wins, two Olympic gold medals.

Bob Bradley
Achieved two things that no US coach had ever done before. Plus invented his own cure for the common cold.

Tab Ramos
The man that showed young American soccer players how to be a #10.

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