USA vs Mexico Review: Jordan Morris + Juan Agudelo = Dos a Cero

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It’s a 47-minute review of the USMNT’s 2-0 win over Mexico, featuring field conditions, tactical anlaysis, coaching decisions, players who impressed us, The Dark Knight, Nintendo Duck Hunt, and defnitive proof that the United States landed on the moon.

USA vs Denmark Review

Posted on March 26th, by Daryl in Soccer Podcasts. 2 comments

Daryl and Taylor break down the USA’s disappointing 3-2 loss to Denmark, and try to figure out what Klinsmann’s squad was trying to do and what went wrong.

0:00-42:00 : Denmark 3 – USA 2 recap, featuring your listener questions

42:00-54:36 : Final thank yous to our TSS supporters!

Clásico Review

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0:00 – 6:33 : Our discussion of Manchester United 2 – Liverpool 1, featuring Stevie G and the Red Mist, Marouane Fellaini’s chest and Juan Mata discovering the wings.

6:33 – 26:35 : El Clasico Review, including specific predictions (they were poor) and comprehensive breakdowns of all three goals.

26:25 – 35:30 : Analyzing the new USMNT roster ahead of the impending friendlies against Denmark and Switzerland.

Clásico Preview with Phil Schoen

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0:00 – 6:45 Gedion Zelalem’s call up to the Germany U-18 team

6:45 – 43:00 Talking El Clasico and the art of play-by-play announcing with beIN SPORTS’ Phil Schoen.

43:00 – 57:25 Very specific predictions for Barcelona vs. Real Madrid, plus quick chat about Liverpool vs. Manchester United and, for no good reason at all, “The Last Man on Earth.”

Listener Questions: Brace and Hat-Trick, Sports Gambling in the UK, American Outlaws

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On today’s TSS podcast, Daryl and Taylor sit down to answer as many of your questions as they can in one sitting. Topics include:

2:06 – Origin of the terms “brace” and “hat trick”

4:50 – Sports gambling in the USA versus the UK

10:05 – Noah Davis’ American Outlaws article

21:03 – NYFC, who owns whose contract, and Yankee Stadium

27:15 – Is it acceptable to pick a replacement team in the same country?

31:38 – Why does MLS have conferences?

36:16 – Do short-handed teams actually have an advantage?

40:13 – Alexi Lalas as a color commentator

43:05 – How to watch a game from a tactical standpoint

50:03 – Department of corrections

Very Specific Predictions for MLS 2015, plus USMNT Gold Cup Draw, USWNT Algarve Cup Win

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0:00 – 41:45 — MLS 2015 predictons. Five predictions each, plus one bonus.

41:45 – 44:08 — USMNT Gold Cup draw

44:08 – 46:45 — USWNT win Algarve Cup

46:45 – end — Future of TSS chat

MLS CBA: 28 and 8—would you have taken it?

Posted on March 3rd, by Daryl in Soccer Podcasts. 2 comments

Start to 23:30 — MLS CBA agreement. Winners and losers, and would you have taken the deal if you were a Major League Soccer player?

23:30 to 38:00 — Listeners questions: Are MLS making it up as they go along? Why so many new soccer jerseys? Why do soccer playes wear so much hairgel? Why do away colors keep changing?

38:00 to end — Immigration and TSA stories.

USA vs Chile Review, Chelsea vs Manchester City Preview

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Here’s what’s on the new soccer podcast:

(0:00 – 37:15) USMNT vs Chile review, featuring questions from Total Soccer Show listeners and a list of “things we learned” from the game.

(37:15 – end) Chelsea vs Man City preview, featuring some very specific predictions.

Analyzing Altidore, Man City vs. Arsenal Review, Listener Questions

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Here’s what’s on the new Total Soccer Show podcast:

(0:00–10:30) Is the USMNT’s Jozy Altidore worth $6m per season? And is he done developing?

(10:30–20:30) Man City vs Arsenal review

(20:30–23:30) The brilliant story of Celtic fan Jay Beatty

(23:30–end) Listener questions, including: How does EPL prize money work? Why is it an FA Cup “tie?” Can only FA Cup-winning teams display triangular corner flags? Is Alexis Sanchez better at Barcelona or Arsenal? What’s gone wrong with Everton?

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USMNT January Camp, Jozy Altidore, Leo Messi, Particle Physics, and Bayern Munich’s Bathrooms

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(0:00 – 17:30) Daryl and Taylor each pick the three players they’re most excited to see called up for US Men’s National Team January camp.

(17:30 -23:20) Jozy Altidore’s possible return to Major League Soccer.

(23:20 – end) Listener questions, including: What does it mean to play on the break? Is Frank Lampard Schrodinger’s footballer? Would Leo Messi fit in Chelsea’s system? What is Merseyside? Why Kyle Walker? Is Jordan Morris hindering the USMNT?

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