Interview with George Quraishi of Howler Magazine (plus the Interwiki!)

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It’s the first episode of the Total Soccer Show’s newest segment: The Interwiki. Daryl and Taylor invite a guest from the soccer community on to the program to discuss his/her activities (the interview) and then play a spirited round of The Wikipedia Game (the Wikipedia). Hence, the InterWiki.

On the inaugural show, George Quraishi of Howler Magazine makes an appearance to discuss the excellent work being done at the publication, as well as on his own podcast, DUMMY. After that, it’s Daryl v George in an adjective-themed trivia competition. Download/stream and enjoy! And be sure to check out Howler Magazine!

Real Madrid vs Barcelona, Seattle vs Los Angeles, and Man Utd vs Chelsea

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We talk El Clasico, Supporters’ Shield, and Louis van Gaal versus Jose Mourinho.

LA Galaxy vs. Seattle Sounders Highlights

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LA – Seattle Review and Listener Questions

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With the 2-2 draw between the LA Galaxy and the Seattle Sounders now in the books (and a very similar fixture just around the corner), Daryl and Taylor review their specific predictions, discuss what went right and what went wrong for both sides, and break down exactly what Boyz II Men brought to the table. The guys also discuss Juan Agudelo’s failed trial at the Wolves, thank donors, and answer listener questions (which range from the history of the substitution rule to a comparison of MLS to European leagues). Download/stream and enjoy!

Don Garber’s Comments, USA vs Honduras Review

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Daryl and Taylor answer listener questions to review USA vs Honduras, react to Don Garber’s surprise press conference, and preview the upcoming LA Galaxy vs Seattle game(s).

#USMNT Anthems for 2014 World Cup

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We at the Total Soccer Show love a few things including the #USMNT, music, and moving pictures. We particularly like when US Soccer fans put all of these three things together in a video to honor the US Soccer team. This will be a page of all (our favorite) #USMNT videos in the run up to US Soccer’s journey to the World Cup in Brazil in 2014. These videos are meant to build the anticipation and excitement for the #USMNT! Go USA!

If you know of any other #USMNT videos floating around, please send them to us via and we will get them up on this page! The more US Soccer videos the better!

Recording Soon: USMNT vs Jamaica (Twice!)

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Laura, Daryl and Josh will be recording a new show tonight, immediately after the USMNT vs Jamaica World Cup qualifier. We’ll break down the magnificent win/frustrating tie/heartbreaking loss [delete as appropriate] and then play some Wikipedia Game.

We’ll also be back in studio next week to record another show after the second USA vs Jamaica game on Tuesday, and the following weekend we will record a special episode for the WRIR fund drive, in which the members of the RVA Supporters of DC United group will compete in a DC United-themed Wikipedia Game extravaganza.

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Cup Double?…Maybe, just not for Liverpool

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“The Magic of the Cup” is gone until next season as Chelsea took on Liverpool to contest the 131st FA Cup Final. Is Frank Lampard England’s best player? Yes…at least in one person’s mind. It may have taken over a year but Andy Carroll finally looks the business. When will we get some type of goal-line technology? Will Drogba ever stop scoring at Wembley?

And we finish of the show with a little Wikipedia Game.

Real Beat Barca: El Clasico Review

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The second El Clasico of the season Real Madrid beat Barcelona 2-1. We break down the game for you from Real’s tactics to Barcelona’s defensive woes, Iker Casillas looking like the greatest keeper in the world and Cristiano Ronaldo’s questionable celebration of his matchwinner.

Also on the show: we review D.C.’s 4-1 win over New York, the Richmond Kickers slow start continues, crazy things are happening in Italy and, as always, we end with the Wikipedia Game.

The German Clasico & The Madrid Derby

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Minus Daryl, the TSS crew headed to the studio to breakdown two games from Europe with huge league title implications. In Germany, Borussia Dortmund hosted Bayern Munich in a top of the table clash that could all but settle the Bundesliga. How bad was Arjen Robben’s evening? Why would Dortmund fans throw bananas at Manuel Neuer? And can Dortmund challenge in Europe next season?

While in Madrid, Atletico welcomed Real to the Vicente Calderon in a game the visitors needed to win in order to maintain their dwindling lead atop La Liga. Are Real collapsing? How good is Ronaldo? Did Falcao lose a ball in the air?

Describe Mario Balotelli in Two Words…

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With the title race in the Barclays Premier League (thank you Fox Soccer) quickly coming to a head, we sit down to discuss the TSS game of the week, Arsenal v. Manchester City. Is Mancini too honest with the media? Could Arsenal ruin the blue half of Manchester’s season? Would Josh sell Balotelli?

Also on the show: United dive to the top, even throwback uniforms couldn’t save the Richmond Kickers in their season opener, Klinsmann opens up (in his own way) to the US media, and as always some Wikipedia Game.


Champions League Final Four Preview

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Anyone can preview the Champions League—Leo Messi this, Cristiano Ronaldo that—and anyone can predict a winner. But only one radio show/podcast can do it with the patented*, trademarked*, copyrighted* and all-around super-awesome scientific method. And that’s the Total Soccer Show.

We see how Barcelona, Bayern, Chelsea and Real Madrid match up when judged by the following criteria:

Most Important Player
Jersey & Sponsor
City Landmark
Best Ever Player

*not really

Barcelona v. Bilbao and DC United v. FC Dallas

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We breakdown Barca v. Athletic. Would Bilbao’s pressing and passing work against Barca? How much was Xavi missed? What happens when a team is out shot 20 to 0 in the first 80 minutes of a game? And when will Barca stop diving?

Also on the show: D.C. dismantle Dallas, Wolves and Liverpool continue their slumps, goalscoring Yanks abroad, and someone is served a little humble pie in the Wikipedia game.

Olympic Failure

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On this episode of the TSS we talk US U-23’s. Specifically, their game against El Salvador and their failure to qualify for this year’s Olympics. How bad is this for US Soccer? Who is to blame? What were, if any, the bright spots? And after what feels like an eternity, Freddy Adu’s youth career officially comes to an end.

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Maple Leafed (US U-23’s Shocked by Canada)

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We discuss the USA U-23’s Olympic qualifying campaign, specifically their game against Canada. Let’s just say it did not go as planned. Were the U-23’s over confident? How do we feel about inverted wingers? And, what does a Christmas tree have to do with soccer?

Also on the show: The Old Firm Derby, D.C. United earn a point, Houston’s Colin Clark opens his mouth…even though he shouldn’t have, and we debut the Wikipedia Game: Battleship Edition.

Tony Meola 3-6-1 and Manchester City v. Chelsea

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The gang heads to the studio to inducts its newest member into the 3-6-1 Total Soccer Show Hall of Fame. Josh has a big smile on his face as we induct Tony Meola as our first goal keeper in the the group of Americans who have profoundly influenced soccer. Next we take a quick trip across the pond to explore some soccer of the English variety. We breakdown the big English Premier League match-up between Manchester City and Chelsea. We also discuss what Carlos Tevez’s roll should or should not have been.
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“Victory” featuring the 1990 USMNT

Why Liverpool Can’t Score, But RVP Can’t Stop

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Albert, Daryl, and Peyton were in studio to break down the TSS game of the week: Liverpool v. Arsenal. Which of theses surging teams would continue on the ascendancy? How many times can Liverpool hit the woodwork? Did Robin van Persie continue his goalscoring tear? Can you really be taken off 20 minutes after coming on as a substitute? Yes Abou Diaby, you can.

Also on the show: A review of Michael Bradley’s Chievo taking on Juventus, Josh interviews new D.C. United player Danny Cruz, and someone is humbled in the Wikipedia game.

Italy versus USA Preview & Wenger’s Revenge

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Albert, Daryl, Josh, and Peyton took to the studio to discuss and breakdown the North London Derby (Arsenal v. Tottenham). Did the “crisis” continue at Arsenal? Was this a good audition for the England job by Harry Redknapp? And just how good is Robin Van Persie? I’ll spare you the suspense: He is very good.

Also on the show: Klinnsman released his roster for the USMNT’s friendly against Italy so we try and pick a starting XI, Stuart Pearce did the same for England’s match against Holland, AC Milan battled Juventus at the top of Serie A, and Liverpool try and grab the first half of a Cup Double.

Fixing the MLS All-Star Game

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Albert, Josh, and Peyton took to the studio, inspired by the upcoming NBA All-Star Game to discuss the MLS version. If we were Don Garber for a day what would we change? Would we bring back the skills competition? Would we keep playing European opposition? Or would we completely revamp the event?

Also on the show: Josh interviews Richmond Kickers Head Coach Leigh Cowlishaw about new developments in the club’s youth system, Carols Tevez apologizes, Eddie Johnson tells us his side of the story, and would we rather see Liverpool win a cup or play Champions League?

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The Champs (League) are Back

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With Daryl out of gone to sort out his beloved Wolves, Albert, Josh, and Peyton took to the studio to discuss the return of Champions League. What’s our favorite non-Liverpool related Champions League moment? Who are we backing to win the whole thing? And are we hypocrites?

Also on the show: Donovan says goodbye to Everton, New USMNT jerseys, Africa has crowned a new champion, Rangers are in administration (don’t worry, we explain), and Wikipedia game domination.

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Manchester United v. Liverpool – Handshakes All Around

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On today’s show we discuss the TSS Game of the Week, Manchester United v. Liverpool. Despite the pregame handshake controversy, a soccer game was in fact played. What should Liverpool do about Suarez? Was Evra right in celebrating the way he did? Paul Scholes for England?

Also on the show: Someone has to manage England, Americans abroad, a very quick run down of D.C. United’s off-season, Copa Pan-America, and US Soccer may have ended the club v. high school debate once and for all.

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Team of the Decade: 1980s

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We head into the soccer-themed way back machine again, this time to select our soccer team of the 1980s. Drawing inspiration from Bilardo’s 1986 World Cup winning Argentina we go with a 3-5-2 formation. Diego Maradona, Michel Platini and Zico will be running the show but who’s going to joing them?

Also on the show: We discuss Fabio Capello’s England resignation.

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Bob Bradley Interviewed About the Tragedy in Egypt

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There is no doubt that the events in Egypt are extremely sad. If you would like to hear an interview that Bob Bradley, former USMNT coach and current Egyptian National team coach, did with Egyptian TV about the events click play below.

Rules Explained…

Posted on February 2nd, by TSS in Soccer Podcasts. 2 comments

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Every time people watch, play in, or coach a soccer game someone has a problem with a refereeing decision. On today’s show we welcome back referee Scott Zawadzki to help shed some light on the rules of the beautiful game. Is a two footed tackle a red? Do refs have a certain style? Would El Clasico be different with Scott in middle?

Also on the show: Josh interviews Ashwin Chaudhary and Jon Korn the creators of the documentary, “Laduma: One Goal,” which chronicles the fan experience following the USMNT at World Cup 2010, some bad news for WPS, and another TSS announcement.

#LDvCD (aka Everton vs Fulham)

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We review the F.A. Cup 4th round match up between Everton and Fulham, or as it was billed on twitter #LDvCD. Yes, both Dempsey and Donovan played as did another American, Everton goalkeeper Tim Howard. Which of the three, well really two, had the best game? Listen to find out.

Also on the show: Liverpool v. Manchester United, a quick apology, and the Wikipedia Game hosted by Albert.