Albert's email after USA 1, Jamaica 0

September 12, 2012 Daryl 5 Comments

Longtime listeners will know that there’s a whole world of emails and text messages that go back and forth between everyone involved with TSS before we record a show. Some of them are just insults about British people, but others are pure gold.

The following email from Albert falls into the latter category. Al’s away at grad school and therefore not in studio as often as he used to be, so we asked him to email us a few thoughts about the USA’s 1-0 win over Jamaica last night, in case there was anything we could use for the show.

And email us he did. In fact, Al’s email was so good, we decided to post it here on the TSS website so everyone could read it. Here’s what our erstwhile co-host had to say about the game when he emailed Josh and Daryl (that’s me) last night:

To: Me, Josh

Re: Tonight’s game — (11:01 pm)


A few thoughts on the game. Some of them are things I mentioned to Josh as we were texting.

1. Winning is all that matters in WC qualifying, especially in this game. For the first time in his tenure as USMNT coach Klinsmann found himself in basically a must-win game and what did his team do? They won, and they could have won by more. I don’t know if I agree with Twellman or Darke (can’t remember who said it) that the 1st half was the best 45 the USMNT has played under Klinsi, but what I do know is we needed to put pressure on the Reggae Boyz and we did.

Another important thing about the win was what Klinsmann said at halftime, it was something to the effect that we need to press more. I know a lot of coaches say in that situation you have to let the game come to you and not press and not worry about how large the moment you find yourself in truly is. FUCK THAT. Every once in a while you just need to grind and push and find a way to win.

2.Gomez should start over Alitdore for at least the near future. What does Jozy do better than Gomez? Neither of them are particularly great goalscorers at the international level. But as Gomez proved tonight he can take a nice free kick, something Altidore cannot do. I think if we go with one up top, and when you play Dempsey as your other attacking player that is essentially what you do … Gomez is better at it. He can be uninvolved for long stretches and it doesn’t seem to bother him. When he needs to work, he works. Can you say that about Altidore? I think it helps Gomez that he was frozen out of the team for so long, he understands that it is not his birthright to wear the stars and stripes and you see that hunger when he plays. I love it.

3. We miss Michael Bradley a ton. We were better in the midfield tonight, I think Danny Williams had a lot to do with that, as did Torres. But Jones for me was average at best, Edu was fine when he came on. But what if Bradley plays in Jones’ place tonight? How much better are we?

4. Graham Zusi should get more opportunities to be a part of the team. I wonder what he does in the center of the park for us? I don’t really know and tonight was NOT the night to do it but in another situation I want to see more of him in his preferred role. He was good out wide and hitting the crossbar was unlucky but he doesn’t provide true width.

5. When are we going to have a true winger? I like Shea but the more I see the more I think he might not be the answer to our prayers out wide. Can he be effective? Yes. Can he take over a game at the international level? I don’t really know. I understand we do not have many players who can take over a game at the international level, so perhaps a better question is the one Taylor and Daryl used to argue over about Nani, does he put fear into the hearts of defenders around the world? How about CONCACAF? We need someone out wide who at least puts fear into the hearts of CONCACAF outside backs, and other than Donovan … where is that player?

6. Lastly…Tim Howard can never get hurt, I know this is obvious and he didn’t do much of anything tonight, because he didn’t need to. But how much better did you all feel going into basically a must-win game with him in goal? I know I felt like unless GOD himself was taking the shot… Jamaica wasn’t going to score.

That’s all I got,

We are top of the group…so that’s good.


Thank Al, you backwards-basebeall-cap-wearing son of a gun!

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