Five reasons for U.S. fans to be optimistic about World Cup Group G

December 10, 2013 Daryl 4 Comments


U.S. fans are terrified of Group G. And sure, between Ghana, Portugal and Germany, there are no easy games. But that doesn’t mean we have to abandon hope all ye who enter the World Cup. Here are five reasons to be optimistic about World Cup Group G. (Because five points would be just lovely, thank you.)

1. We play Ghana first. First games can make or break a World Cup campaign, so the fact that the U.S. plays the weakest of its three opponents first is undeniably a good thing. And can you imagine the surge in optimism and positivity if we finally shake three points out of Ghana?

2. It’s an opportunity to show the world what we can do. Part of the USMNT’s mission is to show the rest of the world that American soccer isn’t all NASL shootouts, astroturf and cheerleaders. Surviving the group of death, and leaving the battered corpses of two impressive teams behind, would accomplish that mission.

3. It’s time for Klinsmann to walk the walk. Coach K has talked a lot about the being proactive not reactive and maintaining possession even against the very best teams. Group G is the perfect opportunity to do exactly that. And when it’s all over we’ll know whether it’s a good idea or not.

4. We have a full six months to kidnap, poison or injure Cristiano Ronaldo. We just have to pick one method and commit to it.

5. It’s going to be exciting. No flat games against opposition you’ve never heard of. Big games against big teams with ready-made narratives that soccer newbies can latch on to.


6. We overrate Ghana just because they’re Ghana. If Mexico or Japan had our draw, they’d be more worried about Portugal.
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4 Comments → “Five reasons for U.S. fans to be optimistic about World Cup Group G”

  1. agentofn0thing 4 months ago   Reply

    If we make it out of group, no one will be able to cheapen it by saying “You just got lucky you weren’t facing any top sides.”

    • Daryl 4 months ago   Reply

      Agreed Admiral Ackbar. It’s not a death sentence or a trap (!), it’s a chance to do something memorable.

  2. Dibbs 4 months ago   Reply

    I think we can pay some not so well off players playing Real Madrid in the Copa Del Rey to break Ronaldo’s leg. It should not take too much money. All the listeners of this podcast contributing something like ten dollars should suffice.

  3. Adam Birce 4 months ago   Reply

    I think this is a terrific draw, because if we do relatively well it’ll finally make America a world power in soccer. Imagine if we proceed to the next round! I’m stoked, frankly, because I have faith (coming from a professional musician: never sing that ever, ever, EVER again) that we can do this! If we lose to Germany it’s not such a big deal, and I’m convinced that we can handle Ghana and Portugal.

    As an aside, I’d like to see TSS cover how good Ghana and Portugal are relative to the US. It seems to me–an individual who isn’t super savvy, but sort of well informed, like a fair amount of other USMNT fans–that Ronaldo and our “history” with Ghana are the only things to be afraid of. Sure, Germany is terrifying, but they’re just one team of three that we have to get past.

    Cheers, Laura and gents! I miss you guys! Let us know when you’re getting together for the games!!

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