In Defense of Kyle Beckerman

September 9, 2012 Daryl 2 Comments


Laura has “been quiet long enough!” about Kyle Beckerman, the USMNT midfielder who has received a whole heap of criticism following the USA’s 2-1 loss to Jamaica. So in this two and a half minute excerpt from our USMNT vs Jamaica review show, Laura makes the case for Beckerman’s defense by outlining exactly what he brings to the team.

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2 Comments → “In Defense of Kyle Beckerman”

  1. Richard H 1 year ago   Reply

    What is not mentioned and is worth 10 negative passes is the dreads. Sarcasm aside interesting discussion but I still think that Beckerman’s negatives outweigh his positives.

  2. Daryl 1 year ago   Reply

    “I still think that Beckerman’s negatives outweigh his positives.”

    Hard to disagree with that. Laura definitely makes the case for why he’s not as terrible as everyone seems to think—which definitely needed saying—but it’s hard to make the case that he should start. Mostly because of those dreads.

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