Podcast Excerpt: Dempseynomics 101

September 4, 2012 Daryl 2 Comments


This two minute excerpt from our recent USMNT roster podcast attempts to explain how and why Clint Dempsey almost didn’t get his big move to Spurs, and why Robin van Persie cost four times as much as Deuce.

*Daryl erroneously states that Dempsey scored “19 goals” in the Premier League last season. It was actually 17, plus three in the FA Cup, plus three more in the Europa League. The reason for the discrepancy is that Daryl can’t count.

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2 Comments → “Podcast Excerpt: Dempseynomics 101”

  1. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo 1 year ago   Reply

    Thanks for he Economics lessons (MBA- Economics major here)

    It is interesting to note that the answer to the question of “Is Van Persie 4 times better than Dempsey” is answered “no” uniformly across the board (& I agree)….but the question that was not asked was “is Van Persie 4 x more valuable than Dempsey?” The answer to that has to be ‘yes’ (the transfer fee tells us that).

    A very nice summary by Darryl on what truly drives a transfer fee when big clubs move on a player and there is a market as well as Albert on the lack effect on lack of demand.

    On the other hand, and perhaps a better example is the question of Dembele who moved to the same club as Dempsey and cost 15M pounds! Almost what van Persie cost! Simon Borg had a Twitter-fet with Wynalda about Dempsey’s lack of ‘any one outstanding skill’ and I think Mr. Borg wins this round. Dempsey a great all-around player does not have the ‘scoring’ ability, the skill to find his shot that van Persie does and as well does not have Dembele’s soft feet, tight space controll of the ball. He’s a hybrid between the two.
    Surely lacking the one ‘super skill’ devalued him in the marketplace…(amazing to me that Dembele cost what he cost compared to Dempsey)

  2. Daryl 1 year ago   Reply

    Agree that Dembele is a good comparison, especially as — like Dempsey and RVP — he only had one year left on his contract (and so was available for free next summer).

    The lack of one “superskill” argument definitely makes sense as part of why Dempsey cost less. I’d also say the lack of a defined position devalued him too.

    Also, thanks for listening, and here’s hoping you will now major in Economics with a minor in Dempseynomics!

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