TSS 2-2 Capital City FC: How Not to Take Throw-Ins

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The Total Soccer Show XI went toe to toe with the team that was top of CVSA Division 6 and very nearly came away with a win. We went behind, we went ahead, we conceded an equalizer in the last 30 seconds. But it’s a point won, not two points dropped. Why? Because we said so, that’s why. Here are the awards:

Man of the Match: On the podcast we said no one, because the whole team played well. But it really should be Grant, who stepped up and volunteered to fill the Josh-shaped hole in goal. Conceding the last minute equalizer was a team thing involving a lot of bad luck, and Grant delivered a confident and reassuring performance. The only bad news is that Grant was so good that we’ll be calling on him again next time Josh disappears for another weekend.

Best breaking of the Virginia speed limit: Evan was somehow at Richmond airport for 11am (same time as our kickoff) and at Hensley Soccer Complex by halftime. No way that was legal, but he did scored what was very nearly the winner by dancing around the goalkeeper and rolling the ball home.

Best understanding of the offside rule: Peyton, who twice kept our attack alive by doing the walking-backwards-with-arms-in-the-air move to indicate that yes, I am in an offside position but no, I am not involved in this play, and the second time led to our second goal.

Worst throw-in: Came from the Capital City FC midfielder who for some reason thought that bouncing the ball off Peyton’s back would not end with him crumpled on the floor less than three seconds later while Peyton strolled upfield with the recovered ball.

Best movie recommendation: Andrew, who told me I should watch “The Trip” with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon on Netflix. I did, and it’s hilarious.

The audio match report begins at the [27:10] mark in this show:
[audio:http://traffic.libsyn.com/tfss/TSSET-Liverpool-ManUtd-Josmer.mp3] Play/Download MP3

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