Sergio Ramos Will Get to the Ball Before You Do

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We spent a long time talking about Sergio Ramos on the new Total Soccer Show, and how everyone only seems to remember his mistakes. Our basic thesis is that Ramos takes risks and gets to the ball first, but everyone only remembers the rare moments when he misses, because they look like horrible errors. The above video highlights the number of times Ramos gets it right.

This Video is the Reason Daryl Wouldn’t Shut Up About Koke on Today’s Show

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It’s Koke’s individual highlights versus Chelsea from the 2013-4 Champions League semi-final.

Jon Hamm Is… Sergio!

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Around the 6:40 mark of the new show, Taylor took a moment to overly explain a reference to “Sergio!”, the saxophone-sporting, suspender-wearing dynamo played by Jon Hamm. Here he is in all his glory!

USMNT vs Czech Republic Highlights

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The TSS podcast review of the game is on the way, but here are the highlights in case you need to catch up.

Mascot Bart Simpson is Terrifying

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As mentioned on the latest pod, cartoon Bart Simpson is funny, mascot Bart Simpson is dead-eyed and scary. Image is from Bart Simpson’s ceremonial signing with Zenit Saint Petersburg.

Matej Vydra Highlights

Posted on September 1st, by Daryl in Blog. No Comments

When the US plays the Czech Republic on Wednesday, they’ll very likely be up against Watford (and former West Brom) striker Matej Vydra. These highlights suggest Vydra is a) fast, and b) very fast. Expect Vydra to keep John Brooks on his toes.

Rubio Rubin Highlights

Posted on September 1st, by Daryl in Blog. No Comments

Utrecht’s 18-year-old attacker Rubio Rubin has been named to the USMNT roster for the game against the Czech Republic. We found these highlights of Rubin in action for the US U-17 team while doing research to preview the game.

2014 NWSL Championship Highlights

Posted on September 1st, by Daryl in Blog. No Comments

Highlights of FC Kansas City’s 2-1 win over Seattle Reign, as discussed on the upcoming Total Soccer Show podcast.

Team TSS Slinging Beers at the USA vs Portugal RVA Watch Party

Posted on June 23rd, by Daryl in Blog. 4 comments

Taylor (red shirt) and Daryl (white shirt) worked the beer truck at the USA vs Portugal RVA watch party on Sunday. It as the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the busiest of times. Man in the middle, in the blue shirt, is Grant, aka Lord Grantham, the TSS 11-a-side team midfielder who did a heroic double-shift to help lubricate the public soccer viewing in downtown Richmond.

Final crowd has been estimated at 5,000-ish, which makes the event an official success. Two thumbs up for the Richmond Kickers, SportsBackers, Venture Richmond and, last but certainly not least, the American Outlaws — Richmond Chapter for putting the event together.

What would you change about soccer?

Posted on January 23rd, by Daryl in Blog. 2 comments

If you had to change one law of the game, what would it be?

Vote for Major League Soccer’s next Designated Player

Posted on January 21st, by Daryl in Blog. 4 comments

On Total Soccer Show 236 we suggested four potential Designated Players for Major League Soccer. Big names in the David Beckham, Thierry Henry, Michael Bradley mold. Listen to the excerpt below to hear the case for Dimitar Berbatov to DC United, Javier Hernandez to Chivas USA, Tomas Rosicky to FC Dallas, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic to NYCFC, then vote for your favorite future Designated Player in the poll.


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Why Eusebio was the first modern footballer

Posted on January 20th, by Daryl in Blog. No Comments

The recent passing of Eusebio led many to remind us that the Benfica and Portugal forward was a legend. Being too young to have seen Eusebio in action, we wanted to know more. Listen to this Total Soccer Show clip to hear exactly what type of player Eusebio was and what made him the first modern footballer, despite his adherence to old-school sportsmanship.

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TSS Debate: What is Geoff Cameron’s Best Position?

Posted on January 19th, by Daryl in Blog. No Comments

Where should Geoff Cameron play for the U.S. national team? Is he best at right-back, center-back or central midfield? After watching Cameron play for Stoke City, Daryl, Ryan and Laura from the Total Soccer Show debate how the U.S. can get the most out of Cameron at the World Cup.

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#USMNT Anthems for 2014 World Cup

Posted on December 18th, by Josh in Blog. No Comments

We at the Total Soccer Show love a few things including the #USMNT, music, and moving pictures. We particularly like when US Soccer fans put all of these three things together in a video to honor the US Soccer team. This will be a page of all (our favorite) #USMNT videos in the run up to US Soccer’s journey to the World Cup in Brazil in 2014. These videos are meant to build the anticipation and excitement for the #USMNT! Go USA!

If you know of any other #USMNT videos floating around, please send them to us via and we will get them up on this page! The more US Soccer videos the better!

Five reasons for U.S. fans to be optimistic about World Cup Group G

Posted on December 10th, by Daryl in Blog. 4 comments

U.S. fans are terrified of Group G. And sure, between Ghana, Portugal and Germany, there are no easy games. But that doesn’t mean we have to abandon hope all ye who enter the World Cup. Here are five reasons to be optimistic about World Cup Group G. (Because five points would be just lovely, thank you.)

1. We play Ghana first. First games can make or break a World Cup campaign, so the fact that the U.S. plays the weakest of its three opponents first is undeniably a good thing. And can you imagine the surge in optimism and positivity if we finally shake three points out of Ghana?

2. It’s an opportunity to show the world what we can do. Part of the USMNT’s mission is to show the rest of the world that American soccer isn’t all NASL shootouts, astroturf … Read More »

The Total Soccer Show World Cup Draft

Posted on November 21st, by Daryl in Blog. 1 Comment

Thirty-two teams qualified for the World Cup, but that leaves a lot of talent out of the tournament—David Alaba, Gareth Bale and Zlatan Ibrahimovic to name just three. So we’re running a draft to get those guys involved.

A team of TSS listeners, and hopefully a few special guests, will each represent one World Cup team. Their job wil be to identify that team’s biggest hole (eg Germany could use a striker, England could probably use a centerback) and fill it by drafting a player. The lowest ranked team will pick first (hello Cameroon!) all the way up to the first.

If you want to be involved in the draft, please email contact[at]totalsoccershow[dot]com, subject line “draft,” and tell us which team you would like to represent and why. The less obvious the better. If selected, we’ll call you up and ask you … Read More »

The Reason I Don’t Watch More Women’s Soccer

Posted on October 21st, by Daryl in Blog. No Comments

… is that sometimes it makes the men’s game look rubbish!

That’s Ireland national team striker Steph Roche with a juggle and juggle and long-distance-volley for Peamount United against Wexford in the Women’s National League of Ireland this past weekend. Get in.

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Stuart Holden and the Greatest Premier League Goal of All Time

Posted on October 18th, by Daryl in Blog. Comments Off on Stuart Holden and the Greatest Premier League Goal of All Time

We played the Wikipedia Game on Total Soccer Show 221, and Taylor successfully named Johan Elmander based on the clue “he scored the greatest ever Premier League goal, [according to] a poll by The Guardian.”

Elmander scored that goal for Bolton, against Wolves, in November 2010, and it’s posted below. The Swedish striker drags the ball through an untackle-able 360 degree spin about 10 yards from the Wolves goal, losing three defenders and confusing a fourth, before sliding the ball into the far corner beyond Marcus Hahnemann’s reach. Feast your eyes:

Three Reasons U.S. Soccer Fans Should Leave That World Cup Draw Simulator Alone

Posted on October 17th, by Daryl in Blog. 6 comments

Don’t do it guys. I know it’s tempting to simulate a World Cup 2014 draw with that hastily assembled Japanese website. But don’t do it. Here are three reasons why:

1. It will give you nightmares. I just did it and the U.S. got grouped with Russia, England and Uruguay. Josh got Spain, Ghana and the Netherlands. Those combinations will keep you up at night.

2. These aren’t the real 32 World Cup teams. There are still playoffs to play all over Europe, Africa and intercontinentally, and there’s every chance that some of the teams expected to make it, won’t. The real World Cup draw could include Jordan instead of Uruguay, New Zealand instead of Mexico, Iceland instead of Portugal and so on. Much less scary.

3. Grow some balls! Every time you click “simulate” and hope for an easy group, a little … Read More »

Guess the MLS Player’s Salary

Posted on June 20th, by Daryl in Blog. No Comments

listen to ‘The "Guess the MLS Player's Salary" Game’ on Audioboo

In this six-minute excerpt from Total Soccer Show podcast #200, Daryl has the 2013 MLS Player Salary info to hand and challenges Laura, Josh and Ryan to guess how much U.S. national team players like Bead Evans and Eddie Johnson are pulling down.

Is Fabian Johnson a Left Back or a Left Winger?

Posted on June 20th, by Daryl in Blog. No Comments

listen to ‘Is Fabian Johnson a Left Back or a Left Winger?’ on Audioboo

Listen to the above two-minute excerpt from the Total Soccer Show to hear our take on Fabian Johnson’s best position for the U.S. national team.

Every Keyboard Should Have a Soccer Ten-Key

Posted on January 22nd, by Daryl in Blog. No Comments

We recently received this magnificent email, and accompanying image, from listener Mark Vandeventer, and thought it was far too good to keep to ourselves:

Greetings TSS friends.

This is my first email to you — started listening only recently but I have enjoyed your show very much. I am writing to give you my version of the “soccer ten-key” that sprung up during one of the shows.

Here is the manual: (left to right/ top to bottom)

TSS 175 Preview: USA v. Germany, 2002

Posted on January 3rd, by Daryl in Blog. No Comments

To kick off 2013, the TSS crew will jump into the YouTube time machine and review a classic match: USA’s 1-0 defeat to Germany in the 2002 World Cup quarterfinal. How close did we come to making the semis? How has the USMNT’s approach changed in the last 10 years? And who is this young Landon Donovan fellow?

Anyone experiencing Hulk-like rage while watching this game is encouraged to visit and punch your screen as hard as possible.

The show will be available early Sunday afternoon, US Eastern time.
(UPDATE: Here it is!)

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TSS Now on NASN!

Posted on November 30th, by Daryl in Blog. 2 comments

Big show news this week is that TSS is now part of the North American Soccer Network.

If you’re unfamiliar with NASN, then here’s the skinny: It’s a network of quality soccer North American soccer podcasts, examples being their flagship Best Soccer Show, the always fun Radio Cuju, the unusually focused and informative Big Question and many more, including several team-specific shows. And now us.

Share and Tell #2: Broomball, The League, Marcel the Shell

Posted on November 17th, by Daryl in Blog. No Comments

At the end of every show we do Share & Tell, where we each recommend something non-soccer related. Here are our picks from episode 168:

New Show Recording Tonight — Now With Push-Ups!

Posted on November 12th, by Daryl in Blog. No Comments

Quick TSS update:

We took a surprise vacation last week because we didn’t have enough people to record the show. Josh was living it up at a wedding in New Orleans and Laura was celebrating her birthday (happy birthday Laura!). So last week’s show would have been Daryl talking to himself for 27 minutes, and no one wants that. No one.

The good news is that Peyton returned from basic training this week, 40 pounds lighter and 100 percent musclier, and so Team TSS is fully staffed once again. Now with added push-up power.

The new show records tonight; we’ll be reviewing the MLS playoffs and taking a good long look at the Timmy Chandler-tastic USMNT roster for Wednesday’s game against Russia. Check iTunes, our RSS feed or this website late Monday night or early Tuesday morning for the new show.

Slalom Soccer with Jozy Altidore

Posted on October 1st, by Daryl in Blog. 1 Comment

What did you do with your weekend? Jozy Altidore did this:

That and more on the next thrilling installment of … The Total Soccer Show:

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Josh Gatt Scouting Report

Posted on September 19th, by Daryl in Blog. No Comments


USMNT fans are pretty excited about Josh Gatt, the 21-year-old Michigan-born winger currently playing his soccer for Molde in Norway. But so far most of us have only seen the briefest of YouTube videos, in which Gatt slaloms through Tippeligaen defenses. If we’re going to talk about Josh Gatt as a possible US Men’s National Team player, we need to know more.

TSS isn’t one of those shows where we pretend to know something we don’t, so we called up listener and friend of the show Marlon Frisby, who’s seen Gatt in action several times recently, to get a better idea of what Josh Gatt is all about.

Click above to listen to the six-minute audio clip, and — if you like what you hear — click below to subscribe to the show:

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Jozy Altidore’s Hat Trick (and Assist!) for AZ

Posted on September 17th, by Daryl in Blog. No Comments

A timely reminder of why USMNT fans should be patient with the 22-year-old striker…

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Podcast Excerpt: Taylor Twellman is Good at His Job

Posted on September 17th, by Daryl in Blog. No Comments


We all thought bringing Taylor Twellman in for John Harkes was a like for like substitution. Just another famous name who’d played the game, but had no feel for in-game insight and analysis or how to communicate it. We wished Ian Darke the best of luck and the longest of fuses.

But then something magical happened. Over the past couple of months Taylor Twellman has become pretty damn good at his job, and the Darke/Twellman play-by-play/color commentary team was in full effect when the USA played Jamaica last week.

Click play above to hear a three minute excerpt from Wednesday’s show, highlighting Twellman’s performance in the commentary booth during the USMNT’s 1-0 win over Jamaica.

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Albert’s email after USA 1, Jamaica 0

Posted on September 12th, by Daryl in Blog. 5 comments

Longtime listeners will know that there’s a whole world of emails and text messages that go back and forth between everyone involved with TSS before we record a show. Some of them are just insults about British people, but others are pure gold.

The following email from Albert falls into the latter category. Al’s away at grad school and therefore not in studio as often as he used to be, so we asked him to email us a few thoughts about the USA’s 1-0 win over Jamaica last night, in case there was anything we could use for the show.

And email us he did. In fact, Al’s email was so good, we decided to post it here on the TSS website so everyone could read it. Here’s what our erstwhile co-host had to say about the game when he emailed Josh … Read More »

Should the Wall Jump when Facing a Free Kick?

Posted on September 11th, by Daryl in Blog. No Comments

In our review of the USA’s 2-1 loss to Jamaica we discussed Jamaica’s equalizer, where Rodolph Austin struck a free kick low, the wall jumped, and the ball deflected of Kyle Beckerman’s foot and past Tim Howard. So we asked the question: Should the wall jump?

To get a look at what walls usually do, we tracked down the above video of Juninho Pernambucano, the Brazilian free kick master who was a key member of the Lyon team that dominated French football last decade.

Enjoy the video above. But ask yourself as you watch: Should the wall jump or not?

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Our USMNT XI to Face Jamaica on Tuesday

Posted on September 10th, by Daryl in Blog. No Comments

Wondering how we arrived at this XI? Wondering how Laura’s case for Beckerman failed to get any dreadlocks in the starting lineup? Click the play/download link below to hear a five-minute excerpt from our USA vs Jamaica review podcast, explaining the thinking behind this USMNT starting XI:


(note: we learned after recording the show that Clarence E. Goodson IV will be suspended. So Clarence is out, Boca is in.)

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In Defense of Kyle Beckerman

Posted on September 9th, by Daryl in Blog. 2 comments


Laura has “been quiet long enough!” about Kyle Beckerman, the USMNT midfielder who has received a whole heap of criticism following the USA’s 2-1 loss to Jamaica. So in this two and a half minute excerpt from our USMNT vs Jamaica review show, Laura makes the case for Beckerman’s defense by outlining exactly what he brings to the team.

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Recording Soon: USMNT vs Jamaica (Twice!)

Posted on September 7th, by TSS in Blog. No Comments

Laura, Daryl and Josh will be recording a new show tonight, immediately after the USMNT vs Jamaica World Cup qualifier. We’ll break down the magnificent win/frustrating tie/heartbreaking loss [delete as appropriate] and then play some Wikipedia Game.

We’ll also be back in studio next week to record another show after the second USA vs Jamaica game on Tuesday, and the following weekend we will record a special episode for the WRIR fund drive, in which the members of the RVA Supporters of DC United group will compete in a DC United-themed Wikipedia Game extravaganza.

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Podcast Excerpt: Dempseynomics 101

Posted on September 4th, by Daryl in Blog. 2 comments


This two minute excerpt from our recent USMNT roster podcast attempts to explain how and why Clint Dempsey almost didn’t get his big move to Spurs, and why Robin van Persie cost four times as much as Deuce.

*Daryl erroneously states that Dempsey scored “19 goals” in the Premier League last season. It was actually 17, plus three in the FA Cup, plus three more in the Europa League. The reason for the discrepancy is that Daryl can’t count.

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How the Total Soccer Show Solved England’s Tactical Problems

Posted on May 28th, by Daryl in Blog. No Comments

We don’t just do soccer podcasts. We also do consulting work for international teams in need of sophisticated tactical solutions.

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Describe Mario Balotelli in Two Words…

Posted on April 9th, by Albert in Blog. 2 comments

With the title race in the Barclays Premier League (thank you Fox Soccer) quickly coming to a head, we sit down to discuss the TSS game of the week, Arsenal v. Manchester City. Is Mancini too honest with the media? Could Arsenal ruin the blue half of Manchester’s season? Would Josh sell Balotelli?

Also on the show: United dive to the top, even throwback uniforms couldn’t save the Richmond Kickers in their season opener, Klinsmann opens up (in his own way) to the US media, and as always some Wikipedia Game.


Olympic Failure

Posted on March 28th, by Albert in Blog. No Comments

On this episode of the TSS we talk US U-23’s. Specifically, their game against El Salvador and their failure to qualify for this year’s Olympics. How bad is this for US Soccer? Who is to blame? What were, if any, the bright spots? And after what feels like an eternity, Freddy Adu’s youth career officially comes to an end.

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Tony Meola 3-6-1 and Manchester City v. Chelsea

Posted on March 22nd, by Albert in Blog, Soccer Podcasts. No Comments

The gang heads to the studio to inducts its newest member into the 3-6-1 Total Soccer Show Hall of Fame. Josh has a big smile on his face as we induct Tony Meola as our first goal keeper in the the group of Americans who have profoundly influenced soccer. Next we take a quick trip across the pond to explore some soccer of the English variety. We breakdown the big English Premier League match-up between Manchester City and Chelsea. We also discuss what Carlos Tevez’s roll should or should not have been.
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“Victory” featuring the 1990 USMNT

Bob Bradley Interviewed About the Tragedy in Egypt

Posted on February 2nd, by Josh in Blog. 1 Comment

There is no doubt that the events in Egypt are extremely sad. If you would like to hear an interview that Bob Bradley, former USMNT coach and current Egyptian National team coach, did with Egyptian TV about the events click play below.

2012 MLS SuperDraft

Posted on January 11th, by Josh in Blog. No Comments

First things first, the draft is being aired live on ESPN2/3 Thursday, January 12th at 12 pm est. If you aren’t excited about this year’s draft then watch the video below.


Still not excited, well then maybe some of the names that have been picked up in the draft will raise your interest. USMNT players such as Bocanegra, Twellman, Clark, Dempsey, Edu, and Shea are amongst some of the biggest names drafted since the turn of the century. Enough with the past, the SuperDraft is all about the future. The Montreal Impact have the number one overall pick. Will the expansion franchise use the pick wisely?

If you are a fan of rumors then the draft should be a guilty pleasure of yours. Akron forward Darren Mattocks is the likely number one pick while Andrew Wenger of Duke keeps coming … Read More »

Viva la Revolución Americana en Tijuana!

Posted on January 10th, by Grayson in Blog. 5 comments

This weekend was the ‘apertura’ of the Mexican Clausura. As if that were not exciting enough, the first game of the season saw no less than three US internationals grace the pitch at the same time for Club Tijuana. The wee Edgar Castillo started the match for the Xoloitzcuintles de Caliente of Tijuana while Joe Benny Corona and Greg Garza came on as second-half substitutes. The “Lean like a Xolos” visited the more established Morelia and earned a 1-1 draw. The home side dominated the run of play but only mustered three more shots than the Xolos. There were many more interesting story lines in this game other than a recently promoted club earning an away point at a perennial contender.

First, Club Tijuana is one of the most ambitious clubs in Mexico despite being the newest member of the top … Read More »

Klinsmann Outlines His Plans for the US Men’s National Team

Posted on January 9th, by Daryl in Blog. No Comments

Fascinating video from Arizona, where Jurgen Klinsmann sits his current roster of players down on the floor and outlines his US Men’s National Team plans for the next two and half years. Nothing new here in terms of JK’s ideology, but it’s fascinating to hear Klinsmann express his ideas directly to players rather than via a media interview.

Hearing what Klinsmann has to say fills me with a weird mix of optimism and concern. At first it sounds good: yeah, let’s be a more proactive team! Work hard! Seize the day! Then he reminds the players that the current Barcelona team took 20 years to build. Which implies Project Klinsmann will only be 17 years and two months away from completion by the time World Cup 2014 rolls around.

JK does at least acknowledge that running while attached to weights and then … Read More »

Why Sacha Kljestan Should Probably Start for the US Men’s National Team

Posted on January 5th, by Daryl in Blog. 3 comments

You want the USMNT to play a high tempo passing game Jurgen Klinsmann? Sacha Kljestan’s got you covered, complete with EuroDanceTrack:

He’s basically the American Sergio Busquets, keeping the ball moving for Anderlecht. Plus, Sacha can play through balls like the one at the 1:50 mark of this video:

A Cure to the Common Dive

Posted on January 5th, by Josh in Blog. No Comments

The guys at Under Armour are releasing their new advertising campaign to try and pry their way into the soccer market in the US. Their first step is to attack diving in soccer. They not only mock it, but also throw out a few ideas on how to stop the ugly behavior that is hurting the beautiful game.

Sorry to fellow Co-host Darryl, but this video finally proves that England was the nation that started the trend of diving. Mainly though, I love the idea of the pink. I would love to see a packed stadium all raise pink cards together to shame a player! What are your thoughts?

The TSS Over/Under Week Three Predictions and Polls

Posted on December 15th, by Taylor in Blog. 1 Comment

So, Week Two is in the books and Daryl Grove has pulled level with Joshtradamus. Albert remains winless, and will have further competition as Peyton wades into the mix. So, on to Week Three. This week, all the “wagers” pertain to our Game of the Week: Manchester City v Arsenal. So, here are the lines for this week, along with the predictions of the respective co-host and polls for you out there on the interwebs to have your say as well.

1 – Number of scarves worn by Roberto Mancini? +/- .5
Albert: Over
Josh: Over
Daryl: Under
Peyton: Over

1 – Number of scarves worn by Roberto Mancini? +/- .5

2 – Number of puffy jackets worn by Arsene Wenger? +/- .5
Josh: Over
Daryl: Over
Peyton: Under
Albert: Over

2 – Number of puffy jackets worn by Arsene Wenger? +/- .5

3 – Number of ridiculous things done by Mario … Read More »

The TSS Over/Under Week Two Scorecard

Posted on December 14th, by Taylor in Blog. No Comments

Week Two of the TSS Over/Under Segment is once again in the books, and what a competition it was. The FC Angelic Beautiful Team of Sweethearts (Barcelona) defeated the Spanish version of The Evil Empire (Real Madrid) in impressive style. Off the pitch, the battle raged in the TSS Sportsbook, as Daryl and Albert looked to avenge their Week One loss to Joshstradamus. Let’s go to the tape… or the blogpost… whatever… I don’t get paid for this.

1 – Over/under on number of yellow cards in El Clasico? +/- 5.5

Winners: Josh, Discipline
Losers: Albert, Daryl, The Voting Public, Alexis Sanchez (who evidently thought that everyone on Madrid should have been carded at least 3 times each)

2 – Over/under on number of red cards in El Clasico? +/- .5

Winners: Daryl, Leo Messi (he knows why he’s here), Jose Mourinho (he finished a … Read More »

The TSS Over/Under Week Two Predictions and Polls

Posted on December 8th, by Taylor in Blog. 1 Comment

So, Week One is in the books and Josh Stankus, Corinthians, and proper pronunciation emerged victorious. However, we here at the TSS aren’t ones to rest on our laurels, so on to Week Two. This week, all the wagers pertain to our Game of the Week: Real Madrid v Barcelona. So, here are the lines for this week, along with the predictions of the respective co-host. Furthermore, by popular request, we’ve also included polls for you out there on the interwebs to have your say as well.

1 – Over/under on number of yellow cards in El Clasico? +/- 5.5
A: Under
J: Over
D: Under

1 – Over/under on number of yellow cards in El Clasico? +/- 5.5

2 – Over/under on number of red cards in El Clasico? +/- .5
J: Over
D: Under
A: Over

2 – Over/under on number of red cards in El … Read More »

The TSS Over/Under Week One Scorecard

Posted on December 7th, by Taylor in Blog. 10 comments

So, the inaugural Total Soccer Show Over/Under segment is in the books, and what a competition it was! So, before moving on to this week’s lines, it seems only logical to take a look back and determine the winners and losers from this past weekend’s competitions.

1) American Goalscorers: Over/Under 2.5
It’s perhaps worth noting that the list of potential goalscorers was limited to Americans playing in major/semi-major European competitions (the top leagues in England, Scotland, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, and Italy). And of the plethora of Americans Abroad, a paltry 2 goals were notched. So thanks to Clint Dempsey and Jozy Altidore, and better luck to the Americans next week.

Winners: Josh (who took the under), everyone who still thinks Americans aren’t good goalscorers
Losers: Daryl and Albert (who took the over), Jurgen Klinsmann (his whiteboard is looking a little barren)

2) American … Read More »

Olympic Qualification for US Soccer

Posted on December 6th, by Josh in Blog. No Comments

Caleb Porter now knows the group and the path he must guide the USA U-23 team through in order to qualify for the 2012 Olympics in London. The USA are in group A along with Canada, Cuba, and El Salvador. Meanwhile Group B consists of Mexico, Honduras, Panama, and Trinidad & Tobago to round out the field of 8 teams.

If you live near Nashville, Tennessee consider yourself lucky as all of the Group A games will be played there.  The Semi’s and final are to be played at LIVESTRONG Park in Kansas City, Kansas. The tournament begins March 22nd and runs until April 2nd. Qualification for the 2012 Olympics will be handed to the two teams who play each other in the final.

Tab Ramos Profile: The Assist Heard ‘Round the World

Posted on November 26th, by Daryl in Blog. 3 comments

The 11-year-old Tab Ramos was not impressed when his parents moved him from Uruguay to northern New Jersey, but he went on to be one of the most important players in US Soccer history. Click below to hear our profile of Tab Ramos’ soccer career.

See who else is in the 361 Hall of Fame, or…
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Bob Bradley Profile: A Serious Man

Posted on November 26th, by Daryl in Blog. No Comments

Bob Bradley is one of the most successful USA head coaches of all time, achieving two things no US coach had ever done before: reaching the final of a FIFA tournament and finishing first in a World Cup group. Listen below to hear the untold story of Bob Bradley, from his college days as both a player and a very young coach, through to his Major League Soccer and international days, and even looking ahead to how he might improve the reputation of American soccer coaches overseas in the future.

See who else is in the 361 Hall of Fame, or…
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USA U-17 Friendlies

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The upcoming 3 game series of friendlies for the USA U-17 team will be aired live on FSC.  Every game is 5 pm eastern time.  The dates and teams the USA plays are below.

November 30th v France

December 2nd v Turkey

December 4th v Brazil

USA 2014 World Cup Qualifying

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The groups are set and the dates are announced! The USA Men’s National Team will begin qualifying June 8th with a home game against Antigua & Barbuda. The other two members of the group are Jamaica and Guatemala.

USA 2014 World Cup Qualification Schedule:
(Home team listed first)

June 8th: USA v Antigua & Barbuda
June 12: Guatemala v USA
September 7th: Jamaica v USA
September 11th: USA v Jamaica

The final two game dates are yet to be set. Check back for updates. While this group looks to be very winnable, but which team or teams do you think might prove to be a bit tougher than expected for the USA?

2011 NCAA Men’s Soccer Bracket

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Below is the bracket for the 2011 national championship for men’s soccer. With three of the top five seeds, will the ACC win the National Championship or will another conference take home the prize? Tell us who you think will win it all or which team will be the surprise of the tournament?

2011 NCAA Men’s Soccer Bracket

Major League Soccer’s Goal of the Year

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Let us know which one of these four goals should be the top goal of the 2011 MLS season?

The Future of Soccer?

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Virginia Tech professor Dennis Hong created a humanoid robot that can not only kick but also locate soccer balls. With his new robot Hong was able to bring the RoboCup (an annual soccer tournament whose competitors are humanoid robots) to the USA. Is this the future of soccer? If so is that a good thing? Click here to read the article including the goal of robots defeating humans in soccer by 2050.  The first and last pages of the article have the most to do with soccer playing robots, but it is all interesting.  Let us know what you think.

TSS 3-1 Blast HC: A Dew Soaked Game

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Coming off three straight ties, The Total Soccer Show team headed out for the early game looking for a win against against a team ahead of them in the table. The first half seemed a little slow (probably due to the early game time), but TSS was able to get a goal from Rui and go into halftime up 1-0. As the sun warmed up the field and the players in the second half, we started off quickly scoring two early goals to take a 3-0 lead. Blast HC was able to get one back via a pk, but the TSS defense stood strong and took all three points with the 3-1 win. On to the awards.

Man of the Match: Got to give it up to Rui and his two goals. This might seem overly … Read More »

Premiership Success is Predicated Upon Defense

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As Daryl has pointed out often, this season I have disagreed with Kenny Dalglish’s consistent selection of Charlie Adam to the Liverpool starting XI. I hadn’t really delved into the stats of Adam’s performance; I just knew that, for me, Charlie Adam didn’t pass the eye test. Liverpool may be returning to the glory days of the pass and move philosophy, but (Charlie Adam’s lack of movement not-withstanding) this is still a team that demands structure, whose defensive stalwartness has coincided with moments of attacking brilliance. His defensive frailty prevented the team from being as strong as it could be.

Now, Liverpool’s defense has been rather porous this year, and not all of that can be laid at Charlie Adam’s feet. But if you want to see a specific defensive breakdown of Charlie Adam’s stats, there is … Read More »

Kasey Keller v. Brazil 1998 Gold Cup

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Kasey Keller did some things, it was great.

TSS 2-2 Capital City FC: How Not to Take Throw-Ins

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The Total Soccer Show XI went toe to toe with the team that was top of CVSA Division 6 and very nearly came away with a win. We went behind, we went ahead, we conceded an equalizer in the last 30 seconds. But it’s a point won, not two points dropped. Why? Because we said so, that’s why. Here are the awards:

Man of the Match: On the podcast we said no one, because the whole team played well. But it really should be Grant, who stepped up and volunteered to fill the Josh-shaped hole in goal. Conceding the last minute equalizer was a team thing involving a lot of bad luck, and Grant delivered a confident and reassuring performance. The only bad news is that Grant was so good that we’ll be calling on him again next time Josh disappears … Read More »

TSS 1-1 BNH United: Disallowed

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Man of the Match: The BNH goalkeeper, who protested and protested until he convinced the ref that Shawn’s last minute winner was offside.

Girliest squeal: Laura, who was very surprised to give away a throw-in.

Best Coach: Peyton, who gave detailed Mourinho-esque instructions to almost every player before kickoff.

Worst excuse for missing game: Albert. Wherever he was, he wasn’t up front for us scoring goals, which is where we want him.

Best excuse for missing game: Kim, who was busy getting married to the President of the CVSA. Congratulations Kim! (and we all applaud your commitment to making sure this team has friends in high places.)

Most dramatic shot: Thad’s long distance trickler, which was on-target but not quite fast enough to cross the line.

Audio match report begins 33 minutes and 45 seconds into Total Soccer Show 112:
Play/Download MP3

Jozy Altidore AZ vs. Ajax Audio Match Report

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Play/Dowload Jozy Altidore AZ vs. Ajax

Above is an excerpt from this weekend’s Total Soccer Show; a five minute audio match report discussing Jozy Altidore’s performance for AZ in the 2-2 draw away to Ajax, as seen on ESPN3. As USMNT fans we’ve been looking forward to seeing the big man in action for his new Dutch team and see how he fits into table-topping AZ’s system. Altidore had a couple of moments and was involved in AZ’s second goal. Click play above to listen.

Highlights of the game below, with Altidore’s two major involvements at the 1:20 and 9:20 marks:

Photo of Klinsmann’s USMNT Tactics on a Flip Chart

Posted on October 13th, by Daryl in Blog. 2 comments

From an excellent story by Alex Hoyt, in which Klinsmann explains his tactical approach in his own words. Worth a read.

USA v. Ecuador Player Ratings

Posted on October 11th, by Daryl in Blog. 6 comments

…but without numbers. Because the only numbers I trust are Pete’s Opta numbers.

Tim Howard – The usual. Shouty and superhuman… yet still somehow beaten.

Steve Cherundolo – Got burned for pace a couple of times and didn’t offer as much attacking threat as usual.

Oguchi Onyewu – Is the man. Strong, decisive, positionally sound and all of a suddengreat with the ball at his feet. Plus he weaponized the USMNT attack when we were chasing the game.

Carlos Bocanegra – Distribution was better than against Honduras but overshadowed by Gooch. Tim Ream reminded us why Boca is still valuable though.

Timmy Chandler – Contained first Antonio Valencia and then Christian Suarez, and still found time to swing in some Ashley Young-esque right footed crosses from left flank. Sorry Eric Lichaj.

Kyle Beckerman – Held that DM position like a champ but too many missed tackles, … Read More »

How to Defend Against Mesut Özil

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With sass, and lots of it. Well played John Paintsil.

One Day All Soccer Highlight Videos Will Be This Good

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NYRB 2-0 LA Galaxy, Mathday 360.

Hope Solo, Naked

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Sometimes blog headlines write themselves. Hope Solo getting full-on clothlessly naked for the front cover of ESPN’s Body Issue magazine is one of those times.

via The Offside

Time Lapse Soccer Photograpy: Melbourne Victory v. Celtic

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via A Football Report

Clint Dempsey and Fulham Gave QPR a Beat Down

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Good to see that Jozy Altidore isn’t the only American abroad running up big scores.

Why You Should Watch More Bundesliga

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That, plus Jürgen Klinsmann is currently finding a new German-American player every week.

TSS 1-1 Advanced FC: A Point From Portugal

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Last week the Total Soccer Show team won 6-1 against a short-handed team. This week we were the short-handed team, but managed to avoid defeat, tying 1-1 with Advanced FC.

Despite a 22-strong roster, we started the game with just 12 players and were down to 10 at half-time when Adam left to go to work (because string instruments don’t just repair themselves) and Casey’s purple hamstring disease worsened. In hindsight, we should have asked Adam to use his luthier skills on Casey’s leg.

We were also losing 1-0 at half-time, so the 10-player Total Soccer Show went out to chase the lead in a 3-4-2 formation (Peyton’s opinion: “That’s a terrible idea”).

Respect to Andrew and Zach for some heroic defending in that back three (especially as I kept abandoning them to run forward), to Eric and Noel for doing some … Read More »

TSS 6-1 C3 Juniors: Top of the League

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The Total Soccer Show 11-a-side team returned to action on Sunday with the start of the CVSA Fall 2011 season. Having finished second in Division 7 during Spring 2011 we made the jump to Division 6. We lost some familiar faces (no Taylor—loaned to Turkey, no Patrick and no Tim) but gained some new ones (Rui, Eric, Thomas, Noel, Grant) and started life in Division 6 with a 6-1 win. Goals came from Eric, Albert, Thad, Peyton and—early front runner for the non-existent TSS Golden Boot—Shawn, who got two.

To what do we owe this big win? Mostly the fact that we had 17 players ready to go at 9 a.m. and the opposition had seven. They eventually got up to nine, but it was never an even game. We could have boasted 18 players (double their numbers) if only Thomas … Read More »

Giuseppe Rossi: An Italian… -American?

Posted on August 25th, by Taylor in Blog. 4 comments

On this week’s show, a fairly angry voicemail from Shane in Michigan got the co-hosts talking about Giuseppe Rossi, the Italian striker plying his trade in La Liga. At least, that’s how most of Europe knows him. To Americans, he’s better known as the man who turned his back on the USA.

Now, US Soccer is no stranger to polarizing figures. Alexi Lalas, Bob Bradley, Brian Ching, and a whole host of other players, coaches, and media members have found themselves on the wrong end of a hostile message board or two. However, no one on that list has ever produced as much open hostility or rage as Giuseppe Rossi. Nor, I believe, will any person going forward.

Mia Hamm Profile: The Greatest International Goalscorer of All Time

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In our fifth visit to the ThreeSixOne Hall of Fame we discuss the mind-bogglingly impressive career of USWNT legend Mia Hamm, whose international record of 158 goals in 275 appearances is the greatest of all time, man or woman. We talk you through Hamm’s college years, her Olympic and World Cup exploits, and her surprisingly thin professional club career. We discuss the type of player Hamm was, but also the own-worst-critic mentality that made her such a competitor.

Video of Mia Hamm in action:

More profiles in the ThreeSixOne Hall of Fame

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Brian McBride Profile: Unbeatable, Unbreakable

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For our fourth visit to the TheeSixOne Hall of Fame, we profile the career of Brian McBride, probably the greatest centre forward the USA has ever produced, and certainly the toughest.

We discuss McBride’s international career with the USA, including those landmark goals against Portugal and Mexico at the 2002 World Cup and the iconic image of McBride playing with a bloodied face — courtesy of Daniele DeRossi — at the 2006 World Cup.

We also talk about McBride’s incredible club career in MLS and with Fulham in England, his initial struggle to get a move across the Atlantic and the happy ending that was Fulham’s Great Escape of 2008 and McBride’s service being recognized with a bar at Craven Cottage named in his honour.

As well as Brian McBride the footballer, we also discuss Brian McBride the man, because no profile would … Read More »

Total Soccer Show Live on Sports Radio 910, Monday, July 11 at 9 p.m.

Posted on July 10th, by Daryl in Blog. 4 comments

The Total Soccer Show will be doing a special live show on Sports Radio AM 910 this Monday, July 11 at 9 p.m.

On that show we’ll be discussing the USA’s magnificent win over Brazil in the Women’s World Cup quarterfinal on Sunday, new DC United player Dwayne DeRosario’s revenge against New York on Saturday, the Richmond Kickers big Open Cup game against Sporting Kansas City this week and a local success story with a Richmond player being selected to represent the USA at the Homeless World Cup.

Tune in at 9 p.m. eastern on AM 910 in Richmond, or if you live outside the RIC then listen to the live stream using the player below:

Henry Kissinger: Soccer Fan

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Henry Kissinger is a soccer fan. But not just any old soccer fan. The former US Secretary of State is the only person in American history to actively use his political power to advance the cause of soccer in America. So whatever else he did while in office [cough, Cambodia] he’s more than deserving of his place in the 361 Hall of Fame for services to soccer. Listen below to find out what Henry Kissinger has done for soccer over the years:

See who else is in the 361 Hall of Fame, or…
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Total Soccer Show Buys Some Ad Space

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Sort of.

Longtime TSS listener and onetime team TSS defender/midfielder Jim displayed this TSS poster on his back during the Gold Cup Final at Gus’ on Saturday.

Jim’s very reasonable asking price was one shot of bourbon, in exchange for which we got plenty of pre-match backtime and up to the 23rd minute of the Gold Cup Final itself, with the poster being accidentally removed during the celebrations following Landon Donovan’s goal.

Watch Copa America Online! (Legally and for Free!)

Posted on June 25th, by Daryl in Blog. 6 comments

If you’re looking to watch the 2011 Copa America online then I have some very good news for you. You’ll be able to watch Copa America 2011 online for free and 100% legally. No shady internet streams, no choppy P2P networks, no downloading strange Chinese software to watch soccer games. Why? Two words: You and Tube.

YouTube has penned a deal with Copa America organizer CONMEBOL to stream all 26 Copa America matches online via the dedicated YouTube channel Games will be broadcast live with English language commentary, and replays and highlights will be available on demand.

Apologies if I sound a little over-excited, but I think this is exactly what soccer (in the US especially) has been waiting for. The Copa America isn’t being screened by Fox Soccer or GolTV or ESPN in the United States, only on Spanish-language networks … Read More »

Paul Caligiuri Profile: The Shot Heard ‘Round the World

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On November 19, 1989, Paul Caligiuri scored for the United States against Trinidad & Tobago in Port of Spain. The goal was enough to send the USA to the 1990 World Cup, the team’s first appearance in the big show since 1950. As part of our 361 Hall of Fame series, we profile the career of Paul Caligiuri.

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As we discussed, Paul Caligiuri’s strike against Trinidad & Tobago in the final game of qualifying for the 1990 World Cup may be the most important goal in US Soccer history. It’s also one of the prettiest… unless you’re a fan of the Soca Warriors… in which case it’s probably best to skip the following video. The Shot Heard ‘Round the World:

The goods news? Caligiuri’s goal helped the United States qualify … Read More »

Eddie Pope Profile: His Holiness

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The Total Soccer Show’s profile of former US men’s national team defender Eddie Pope. Part of the 361 Hall of Fame series profiling important figures in US Soccer history.

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Three World Cups. Three MLS Championships. Five Gold Cups. 82 appearances for the United States. A placekicker for the University of North Carolina. What more could you ask for? Ladies and gentlemen, His Holiness Eddie Pope:

See who else is in the 361 Hall of Fame

Why is it Called the 3-6-1 Hall of Fame?

Posted on June 19th, by Daryl in Blog. 2 comments

2011 Gold Cup TV Schedule

Posted on June 1st, by Daryl in Blog. 12 comments

The CONCACAF Gold Cup TV schedule in the USA is spread across three networks: Fox Soccer Channel, Univision and Telefutura.

Americans Abroad: (Mostly) End of Season Awards

Posted on May 31st, by Taylor in Blog. 8 comments

For most European football leagues, the 2010-2011 Season is in the books. For the many Americans playing abroad, that means it’s time to relax, recover from a grueling season, sell some jewelry, spend too much time on Twitter, and, if you’re a select member of the 23-man roster, get ready to play for the USA in the 2011 Gold Cup. For us here at the Total Soccer Show, it’s an opportunity to case one more glance across the pond break down the last 10 months.

Therefore, on this week’s show, we’re going to be bringing a close to the 2010-2011 Installment of Americans Abroad. To do so, we’ve come up with nine categories worthy of scholarly discussion and debate… or semi-intellectual ranting on a 45 … Read More »

USA Gold Cup Roster 2011

Posted on May 23rd, by Daryl in Blog. 1 Comment

Bob Bradley announced his 23 man USA Gold Cup roster on Monday afternoon. But Total Soccer Show beat him to it by announcing our 23 the night before, on Sunday’s podcast.

Here’s Bob Bradley’s 23:

GOALKEEPERS (3): Marcus Hahnemann (Wolverhampton Wanderers), Tim Howard (Everton), Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake)
DEFENDERS (8): Carlos Bocanegra (Saint-Etienne), Jonathan Bornstein (UANL Tigres), Steve Cherundolo (Hannover), Clarence Goodson (Brondby), Eric Lichaj (Leeds), Oguchi Onyewu (FC Twente), Tim Ream (New York Red Bulls), Jonathan Spector (West Ham United)
MIDFIELDERS (9): Freddy Adu (Rizespor), Michael Bradley (Aston Villa), Clint Dempsey (Fulham), Landon Donovan (Los Angeles Galaxy), Maurice Edu (Rangers), Benny Feilhaber (New England Revolution), Jermaine Jones (Blackburn Rovers), Sacha Kljestan (Anderlecht), Robbie Rogers (Columbus Crew)
UPDATE: Alejandro Bedoya (Orebro) has been called into training camp after Benny Feilhaber picked up an injury. If Feilhaber is unable to play, Bedoya will replace him … Read More »

Six Degrees: Alexi Lalas to Ruud Gullit

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For this week’s Six Degrees we’re asking you to connect Alexi Lalas to Ruud Gullit. We know they worked together at LA Galaxy, but that doesn’t count. You have to find the connection through players they’ve played alongside. So Lalas played with X at New England Revolution, X played with Y at Swindon Town, Y played with Ruud Gullit at Milan. (To be clear, X and Y are players I just made up.)

Whoever can connect Lalas to Gullit in as few degrees of separation as possible wins. Where two answers have the same degrees of separation, we use total mileage between all the clubs involved as the tie-breaker. And no, national teams don’t count.

Email your answer to soccer[at], or use our contact page, leave it in the comments below, or post the answer on Facebook. You have until we record … Read More »

Six Degrees: Jay DeMerit to Roberto Carlos

Posted on May 18th, by Taylor in Blog. No Comments

Congrats to Nick Canzius for winning last week’s “Six Degrees of David Beckham” challenge. He linked Hugo Sanchez to Leo Messi quite easily:

Hugo Sanchez played with Luis Enrique at Real Madrid
Luis Enrique played with Lionel Messi at Barcelona.

If that sounds a bit strange, allow Mr. Canzius to explain: “Hugo Sanchez playing with Luis Enrique at Real is obvious, but Luis Enrique did actually play with Messi in a friendly in the inaugural game at the Estádio do Dragão on November 16, 2003. In that match Messi made his debut with the senior team alongside Luis Enrique.” So one degree of separation between Hugo Sanchez and Leo Messi. Well played to Nick!

On last Thursday’s show, we set out a new challenge: Link Vancouver Whitecaps/US Mens national defender Jay DeMerit to Anzhi Makhachkala/Brazil defender Roberto Carlos.

If you’ve never played before, check … Read More »

TSS 3-3 PRU: Somehow Not Canceled

Posted on May 16th, by Daryl in Team. 3 comments

The situation was this: We were in second, Partizan Richmond United were in first. It was our last game of the season, they had one more to go after this. So we needed to win to go top, and then hope that Partizan somehow lost their last game.

We went 1-0 down, then 3-1 up through goals from Albert, Peyton Thad and myself, but then conceded two unlucky goals to finish 3-3. So the title challenge is over, but we played probably our best football of the season against the best opposition we’ve faced.


Biggest Surprise: That this game was even on. It did some serious thunderstorming in Richmond on Saturday, and then rained most of the night with more storms scheduled for Sunday. In CVSA-world this usually means you have to find something else to do with your Sunday, but somehow … Read More »

Six Degrees: Hugo Sanchez to Leo Messi

Posted on May 9th, by Daryl in Blog. No Comments

Two Thursdays ago, we set the new Six Degrees of David Beckham challenge: Link Real Madrid legend Hugo Sanchez to Barcelona legend-in-waiting Leo Messi.

We had planned to announce the winner on last Thursday’s show, but got sidetracked by the WRIR fund drive (which went well, by the way, with the station raising nearly $30,000, so big thanks to anyone who donated). So this game of Six Degrees is open until this Wednesday night, when we record the show for this Thursday.

If you’ve never played before, check out past games to get the idea. But essentially you are linking one player to another through players they’ve played alongside, aiming for the fewest degrees of separation possible.

You can email your answer to soccer[at], or send it via the TSS contact form or just leave your answer as a comment on this blog … Read More »

TSS 3-0 Defenestators: Boom!

Posted on May 3rd, by Daryl in Team. 2 comments

Audio match report:[audio: | Titles=TSS 3-0 Defenestrators]
Play/Download MP3

TSS claimed our fourth win in a row on Sunday, beating Defenestrators 3-0 on Bryan Park E. Goals came from Chi-Nam (poached), Peyton (headed) and Albert (accidentally Roberto Carlossed). It wasn’t the prettiest game of football, mostly because Bryan Park E is very short and the kicks of both goalkeepers were very long. Everyone who played midfield got neck-ache, but three points is three points and a win is a win. And corner kicks are not indirect.

Team Awards:

MVP: Had to be Vas. First, because he showed up, and if he had not done so then someone else would have had to go in goal. Second for a very clean sheet (not a mark on it), third for one outstanding full-stretch, tip-round-the-post save on what would have been a goal after I lost the … Read More »

Six Degrees: Rob Ukrop to Gary Lineker

Posted on April 26th, by Daryl in Blog. No Comments

Congrats to TR for winning last week’s Six Degrees of David Beckham. A lot of people connected Leonardo to Rafa Marquez in just one degree of separation, but TR did it in the shortest distance traveled. Here’s how he did it:

Rafa Marquez played with Oliver Bierhoff at Monaco
Oliver Bierhoff played with Leonardo at Milan

Nick also got this answer, but TR got it to us first. This week’s is–we think–a little harder:

The challenge this time is to connect Richmond goalscoring legend Rob Ukrop to England striker Gary Lineker. Do it in as few degrees as possible. Email your answer to soccer[at] or via our contact page or leave it in the comments below.

The winner will receive both our undying respect and a TSS poster, and will be announced on Thursday’s show (which we record Wednesday night, US eastern time).

TSS 2-1 Sounders: Wednesday Night Lights

Posted on April 23rd, by Daryl in Team. No Comments

Team TSS claimed a come from behind 2-1 win at Dorey Park this past Wednesday.

TSS 3-1 Capital Ale FC II: Saved By The Post

Posted on April 18th, by Daryl in Team. No Comments

Total Soccer Show claimed its second win in as many games on Sunday, beating Capital Ale FC II by three goals to one. Goals came courtesy of Peyton Siddall (second goal in two games), Albert Ottati (top scorer with five goals) and Evan Cotter (who easily had the best minutes vs. production vs. blood alcohol ratio on the team).

Awards are below, followed by a clip from this weekend’s podcast:

MVP: The Post. With just a few minutes left, and TSS winning by only one goal, Capital Ale ran through on goal, got a shot away, and… hit the post. Thank you post. If you hadn’t stood strong and taken the impact, we would have dropped two points. Human MVP goes to Zach, not only because he suggested the post for MVP, but also because he cleared the ball after it bounced … Read More »

Six Degrees: Leonardo to Rafa Marquez

Posted on April 15th, by Daryl in Blog. 3 comments

Congrats to Phil Dawson for winning last week’s Six Degrees. He linked Ben Olsen to Hakan Şükür as follows:
Ben Olsen played with Gareth Williams at Nottingham Forest
Gareth Williams played with Keith Gillespie at Leicester City
Keith Gillespie played with Hakan Şükür at Blackburn Rovers.

So two degrees of separation (Williams and Gillespie).

For this week’s Six Degrees we’re asking you to connect two players who’ve been sent off playing against the USA in World Cups. So can you connect Leonardo to Rafa Marquez in as few degrees as possible, through players they’ve played alongside? Club teams only, and tie-breaker (if two people connect in same degrees of separation) is total miles traveled along the way.

You can leave your answer in the comments below, on our Facebook page or send it via email to soccer[at]

TSS 7-0 CAPS FC: A Vitamin-Fueled Victory

Posted on April 12th, by Daryl in Team. No Comments

You read that right. Total Soccer Show won 7-0 on Sunday, marking the first time Team TSS has handed another team its own ass. Before we get too carried away, CAPS FC started the game with only 8 men, with two late arrivers giving them a total of 10 about 30 minutes into the game.

Still, we did what we were supposed to do, passed the ball around like a proper team and put the ball in the net seven times. Goalscorers were: Albert Ottati x3, Evan Cotter, Thad Williamson (long-ranger), Peyton Siddall (perfect header) and Josh Stankus (penalty, so almost as good as a proper goal).

Team Awards:

MVP: Goes to our string-pulling centre midfielder Kim Schone for the second week in a row. But a rule I’ve just invented is that you can’t win three MVPs while your TSS roster … Read More »

TSS Sample: Best Dressed Soccer Coach

Posted on April 7th, by Daryl in Blog. No Comments
[audio: | titles=TSS Sample: Best Dressed Manager]

On Total Soccer Show #86 we discussed our most memorable football manager moments. The above five minute clip is taken from the podcast only (too good for radio) discussion about the best dressed coaches in world football. And yes, that is Ricardo La Volpe’s chest hair saying ¡Hola! to you in the photo.

Play/Download MP3 | About TSS | Subscribe via iTunes

Six Degrees: Ben Olsen to Hakan Şükür

Posted on April 7th, by Daryl in Blog. 3 comments

For this week’s Six Degrees we’re asking you to connect Ben Olsen and Hakan Şükür through players they’ve played alongside. Club teams only.

You can leave your answer in the comments below, on our Facebook page or send it via email to soccer[at]

TSS 2-3 EEI Elite

Posted on April 4th, by Daryl in Team. 1 Comment

Some understandably unhappy faces after the final whistle of this one. Team TSS had fought back from 2-0 down at halftime to 2-2 with two minutes to go, only to lose 3-2 right at the final whistle. On top of that we’d seen Shawn filled with morphine and driven away in an ambulance, his wrong-way-round elbow in a splint.

But there were at least three major positives:

1. We equalized
Even though we threw it away in the final minute, we showed a lot of fight and intelligence in how we went about coming back from two goals down. Taylor and Albert got the goals.

2. We figured out a way to play
As Kim pointed out at half-time, we’re too good to be kicking the ball long, no matter how tall Albert, Peyton and Thad are. We played the ball (mostly) to feet for … Read More »

What to Watch This Weekend

Posted on April 1st, by Taylor in Blog. 2 comments

Disclaimer: The Total Soccer Show is based in Richmond, Virginia. The four co-hosts all live in Richmond, Virginia. Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) is also based in Richmond, Virginia. So, the obvious game to watch this weekend would be the Final Four match-up of VCU v Butler on Saturday night, with tipoff coming at 6:09pm. However, if you’re looking for some soccer coverage to balance out the weekend, then look no further because there is an absurd amount of good soccer on television this weekend. There are at least 43 games on TV this weekend, including two international tournaments, one international friendly, and matches in 10 different leagues.

TSS 0-1 Energy Armor of VA, Match Report and Awards

Posted on March 13th, by Daryl in Team. 2 comments

We got up early (even earlier if you include the hour lost to Daylight Saving Time) and got ourselves to Chester for a 9 a.m. game at Lowe’s Soccer Complex. Where we lost 1-0 to Energy Armor of VA.

We played 4-3-3, had a fair bit of the ball, and even had a few decent chances. But somehow didn’t manage a single shot on target.

Energy Armor’s goal came early in the second half, and had a little bit of the Ronaldinho-vs-England-in-2002-World-Cups about it. There was some debate over whether Ronaldinho’s goal was intentional or not, but that’s because he didn’t shout “My bad!” after striking the ball, as the Energy Armor goalscorer did today. So yeah, we were a little unlucky.

We pushed and pushed, but couldn’t find an equalizer. TSS co-host Josh Stankus even tried a dramatic arms-in-the-air dive in the … Read More »

What to Watch This Weekend

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If you’re looking to watch some football this weekend, then you’re in luck as there are at least 32 games being broadcast here in the United States. For the record, those competitions span at least nine countries and include four South American U-17 matches. So, it’s going to be a busy weekend for the crew of the Total Soccer Show, with coaching obligations, another CVSA league match to play in/report on, and quite a few interesting matches to watch.

The Gold Cup Should Be a Copa America Qualifying Tournament

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The 2011 CONCACAF Gold Cup groups were announced this week, and US fans did a collective internet shrug. Not just because the draw wasn’t really a draw (the powers that be just assigned teams to groups at will) but because drawing Canada, Panama and Guadelope highlighted how weak the competition is in CONCACAF, and reminded everyone that the first five games of the the Gold Cup are just a warm up before playing Mexico in the final.

Obviously US fans would prefer that their team played its continental tournaments further south, in the much more glamorous and much more storied Copa America, where we’d face Brazil and Argentina instead of Cuba and Grenada. European and South American nations reap the obvious financial and experiential benefits of of filling the four year gaps between World Cups with a competitive regional tournament, and … Read More »

TSS 3-1 Chester Crew, Match Report & Awards

Posted on March 6th, by Daryl in Team. 6 comments

The Total Soccer Show team‘s first game is in the books. And it’s a win, 3-1 over CVSA Division 7 opponents Chester Crew.

The Death of the Snood

Posted on March 5th, by Josh in Blog. 1 Comment

Warning, this article is full of unproven conspiracies and alleged material.  Enjoy.

Today is a sad day.  The soccer community, in particular Mr. Tevez, has lost a beloved friend.  The snood has officially been banned by FIFA.  Don’t worry though it isn’t a cold turkey situation as the ban doesn’t take effect until July 1st.  FIFA claims that the ban is over safety issues.  I fear there is a much darker and more pervasive force at work here.

As many English pundits have noted, it isn’t easy to play at Stoke City in the winter.  With the English side performing below their lofty expectations over the past decade, people have claimed that EPL sides need to focus more on young English talent. The ban of the snood is clearly the latest attempt to drive out foreign players. 

With apologies to Daryl, this … Read More »

Total Soccer Show Roster

Posted on March 4th, by TSS in Team. 4 comments

The complete Total Soccer Show team roster, with photo and bio for every player.

Total Soccer Show Team Jerseys Have Arrived!

Posted on March 4th, by Daryl in Team. 7 comments

The Total Soccer Show team jerseys were collected this morning and will be ready for Sunday’s game. Big thanks to Patrick and his company PMK Construction for sponsoring the jerseys and to Gi Gi at River City Logo for taking care of us.

What To Watch This Weekend

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If you’re looking to watch some football this weekend, then you’re in luck as there are at least 30 games (8 countries) being broadcast here in the United States. It’s going to be a busy weekend for the crew on the Total Soccer Show, as there are youth tournaments to coach and multiple games to be played. So, some particularly tantalizing matches will go unwatched and there’s a surprise nomination for Total Soccer Show Game of the Week.

Total Soccer Show Team Schedule

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The Total Soccer Show spring 2011 season in CVSA Division 7 looks like this:

Sunday, March 6, 11:00 AM vs. Chester Crew @ Ukrop Park#2
W 3-1 | Goals: Vas, Taylor, Taylor | Assists: Daryl, Vas

Sunday, March 13, 9:00 AM vs. Energy Armor of Va FC @ Lowe’s Soccer Complex#2

… more to follow …

We’ll add results as they come. Check the CVSA schedule page for changes.

America’s Best – From the Past to the Future

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Firstly, I want to congratulate John Esser on getting the first ever America’s Best trivia question correct.  The answer was Eddie Pope, and in his rookie year with DC United he traveled up and down I95 between DC and UNC to pursue his degree at the prestigious university.  Quite a busy year for the young man, and maybe this was an example of the determination that made him arguably the best American defender ever.

What To Watch This Weekend

Posted on February 25th, by Taylor in Blog. 2 comments

This weekend’s television schedule features competitions in ten different countries, as well as one youth international tournament. Some (the Eredivisie title race) may be slightly more exciting than others (the Disney Pro Soccer Classic), but they’re all there for your viewing pleasure. Here’s the list, with the Total Soccer Show Game of the Week and assorted other highlights to follow.

American of the Week

Posted on February 23rd, by Josh in Blog. 1 Comment

This is the “highly anticipated” debut post of America’s Best, and it won’t be the only debut discussed Mr. Freddy Adu, but more on that later.  The purpose of this weekly post is to highlight the American soccer player (personality) who had the best week, and will typically come out on each Tuesday.  The best week is a loose definition.  It might be the player with the best performance on the field, but it could also be related to any off-field occurrences that I deem good enough.

 With the boring details and setup out of the way let’s get down to the fun.  Which American soccer personality had the best week this week?  As discussed on this weekend’s podcast, Maurice Edu probably won’t be winning the first ever America’s Best of the Week Award.  However, Edu’s weak week was more the … Read More »

NFL Lockout – A Golden Opportunity

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Living in the USA I can’t turn on ESPN, listen to sports radio, or go to an American sports website without being blitzed by the idea that the NFL might have a lockout this upcoming season.  Everyone I know is quaking in their boots about the prospect that there might not be any American football this fall.  Not me.

I’m here to say that Don Garber, MLS commissioner, should be delighted at the idea of no NFL football.  Suddenly, MLS would not have to compete with the biggest and best-marketed sport in the USA.  The MLS regular season culminates on October 23rd with the 2011 MLS Cup Final being played roughly a month later.  This means the most exciting part of the MLS season is overshadowed here in the States by the return on the NFL.

The run to the playoffs and … Read More »

Podcast Excerpt: Ronaldo’s Greatest Goals

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[audio:|titles=Ronaldo’s Greatest Goals]

In Total Soccer Show 79 we honoured the retirement of Ronaldo by each picking our favourite Ronaldo goal of all time. That 10 minute clip is excerpted here. Click play above to listen, and click play below to watch.

Download the MP3 | About the Total Soccer Show | Subscribe via iTunes

Josh’s Favorite Ronaldo Goal – Brazil v Turkey in World Cup 2002, featuring a triangle haircuit, a lovely toe poke, and a Turkish goalkeeper (Rüştü Reçber) painted up for war.

Daryl’s Favorite Ronaldo Goal – Inter v Lazio in the 1998 UEFA Cup Final, featuring the birth of the “elastico”, a glorious little hippy-hippy-shake, and some dodgy defending from a certain Mr. Nesta.

Taylor’s Favorite Ronaldo Goal – Barcelona v Valencia in 1996, featuring a wall of Valencia defenders, an advancing blur that vaguely resembles Ronaldo, and a delicate … Read More »

Podcast Excerpt: Richmond Kickers Head Coach Leigh Cowlishaw

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[audio:|titles=Leigh Cowlishaw, Richmond Kickers, USL PRO 2011, Liverpool FC]

In Total Soccer Show #79 we interviewed Leigh Cowlishaw, head coach and director of soccer at the Richmond Kickers.

Leigh discussed the players Kickers fans can expect to see in the 2011 season, and also went into some detail about the new USL PRO league and what it will mean for both the Kickers as an organization and for minor league soccer in America.

As a bit of bonus content, we also have a five minute interview with Leigh that didn’t air on the radio, discussing how he became a Liverpool fan and what he thinks of the recent changes at Anfield. Click play above to listen.

Download the MP3 | About the Total Soccer Show | Subscribe via iTunes

What To Watch This Weekend

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Usually, this space is reserved for a discussion of the matches that are readily available for your viewing pleasure over the course of an entire weekend. This weekend, I’m making an exception and adding two events that deviate from the norm: one is a football match… the other is not.

When deciding the Total Soccer Show Game of the Week (patent pending), we usually review the TV schedule and figure out 1) what game is most interesting and 2) what game is the easiest to watch. Generally, whichever match combines the two most effectively earns top spot (the 2011 NCAA Final being the notable outlier). This weekend? Well, we went a different route.

El Hadji Diouf Finally Gets What’s Coming to Him

Posted on February 15th, by Taylor in Blog. 1 Comment

El-Hadji Diouf has never been considered a kind and cuddly footballer. In fact, most would say he’s done more to advance thuggery in the game than he has promoted the actual game itself. From allegedly spitting at Celtic fans to allegedly spitting at children, the man isn’t exactly beloved around the world.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to see El-Hadji Diouf punished for any one of his various crimes against humanity/nature, then I’m hoping you can take some solace in the GIFs posted below. The wonderful people over at The Something Awful Forums clearly wanted to make my life better, so they posted a collection a GIF of a rough tackle on Diouf, followed by a few more surprising challenges.

Wayne Rooney’s Goal – Was it Really That Good?

Posted on February 14th, by Daryl in Blog. 1 Comment

Wayne Rooney won the Manchester derby on Saturday with the above goal. But was it really the best goal Alex Ferguson has ever seen at Old Trafford? There was a difference of opinion in the Total Soccer Show studio. Click play below to listen to this five minute excerpt from Sunday’s show:

[audio:|titles=Wayne Rooney’s Volley]

Download MP3 | Subscribe via iTunes

What To Watch This Weekend

Posted on February 11th, by Taylor in Blog. 5 comments

Hello again and welcome to the weekend! There are indeed some tasty competitions over the next two days. So much so, in fact, that I’m currently diagramming how best to position my living room so as to allow me to watch three games on Saturday morning. World peace? International politics? No. These are the issues I choose to involve myself with… at least on Friday mornings. Anyway, here’s an abbreviated look at the American TV schedule this weekend.

Podcast Excerpt: Mark Cuban’s Team America 2.0

Posted on February 10th, by Daryl in Blog. 7 comments

We received an excellent email from Total Soccer Show listener Chris this week, raising the hypothetical possibility of a billionaire-bankrolled Team America competing in a European league. Rather than explaining the concept myself, I’m just going to quote from Chris’s excellent email:

Van der Sar – A Giant Among Men

Posted on February 9th, by Josh in Blog. 1 Comment

Van der Sar – A Giant Among Men

As an avid Liverpool fan, I’ve been looking forward to this announcement for years; however, as a football fan in general and more specifically a fan of goalie play this announcement saddens me.  I am speaking of Edwin van der Sar the former Dutch international and current Manchester United goalkeeper announcing his retirement.

The stats about van der Sar speak for themselves, so I’m only going to highlight a few of them before moving on to the meat and potatoes of this article.  Van der Sar holds the record for most ever caps for a Dutchman at 130 while also being named Best European goal keeper twice.  The astounding part of those two awards for van der Sar is that they were 14 years apart, one in 1995 and the latter in 2009.

I don’t … Read More »

Why Andy Najar Should Probably Play for Honduras

Posted on February 8th, by Daryl in Blog. 1 Comment

DC United’s Andy Najar caused a mini-Twitterquake yesterday, when he bilingually asked the world whether he should play his international football for the USA or Honduras. He got a lot of responses (and a lot of new Twitter followers) but didn’t make any big announcements.

The 17-year-old winger was born in Honduras to Honduran parents, but moved to the US (Northern Virginia to be specific) with his family at age 13. Four years later he was MLS 2010 Rookie of the Year and the only bright spot in DC’s otherwise dreadful season. And very much in demand. The USA wants him. Honduras definitely wants him. So he has a big decision to make.

Jason Davis at Match Fit USA has already written about Najar’s tweet, observing (correctly I think) that Najar didn’t really seem to be taking the whole thing all that … Read More »

A Decade in Rants Part 2…Finally

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5. 2007, Somewhere in the United States. “Eric Wynalda will always make my USMNT All-Time 11.”

“Jim Rome can suck my dick! And he should be very afraid, because I’m the kind of guy, if I get too many drinks in me, I will club his ass.”

107 international appearances, 34 international goals, the first ever goal scored in MLS, and this free kick (53rd second of video) in the 1994 World Cup against Switzerland are all legitimate reasons why Eric Wynalda can, has, and should be considered one of the best forwards ever to pull on a USMNT jersey.  However, six years after he last kicked a ball in MLS, Wynalda gave us this gem which grants him a place among my personal “untouchables” (more on that in a later post). In a few short sentences he perfectly sums up how … Read More »

Maurice Edu Definitely Shouldn’t Be Playing Centre Back

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Remember how Bob Bradley experimented with playing Maurice Edu in defence last year? We got the feeling Edu wasn’t 100% keen on the idea and would much prefer to stay in central midfield. And we agree. Clearly the big man does his best work in the middle of the park, knocking other midfielders off the ball.

But turns out Edu can shoot as well. The goal above is from this weekend’s Scottish League Cup semi-final between Rangers and Motherwell, where Edu struck from what must be about 30 yards out. Top corner.

Think that was a fluke? Here’s what Edu did two weeks ago versus Hamilton:

What To Watch This Weekend

Posted on January 28th, by Taylor in Blog. 1 Comment

I’m not sure if it’s the universe rewarding earth for good behavior, but this weekend will see an absurd amount of exciting games take place. There are games in seven leagues on three continents, as well as two international tournaments for your viewing pleasure. So here’s an abbreviated (sort of) list of what to watch for. I’ll be out all weekend, so I’ll be spending a decent amount of time this evening clearing out my DVR in preparation for a packed weekend.

US Women Worried?

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In our January 23rd podcast we ran through what the US men were doing abroad. Here is a brief synopsis of our women preparing for the 2011 Women’s World Cup…
In the run up to the 2011 Women’s World Cup a weird thing happened. The US lost to Mexico in qualifying, and had to qualify via a home and home series against Italy. We proceeded to defeat Italy 2-0 on aggregate and qualify for the Women’s World Cup.  Some of the concern died down, but did this rare struggle in qualifying signify a more vulnerable American team than we and the world as a whole are used to seeing?
Then The Four Nations Tournament came down the pike this past week culminating on the 25th of January.  Sweden (#4), Canada (#9), and hosts China (#13) were all looking to take their shot at arguably the most successful national team in women’s soccer. … Read More »

Ten Reasons Diego Maradona Should Replace Andy Gray in the FIFA Videogame Franchise

Posted on January 25th, by Taylor in Blog. 6 comments

Earlier today it was announced/screamed in bold CAPS on Twitter that Andy Gray had been fired by Sky Sports for making sexist remarks regarding a female linesperson (that’s the safest way I could think of to explain the situation). I won’t get into the ethics of that decision, nor will I spend a thousands words blasting Gray for his remarks; I’ll leave that to everyone else. Instead, it seems necessary to focus on the one aspect of the story that seems to have been largely ignored.

With Gray ousted from Sky, it’s likely that other media outlets will follow suit, which means that FIFA 12 (and its descendants) may soon need a new voice to partner Martin Tyler and provide the in-game commentary. But who best to partner him? The answer is obvious: Diego Maradona. If you’re not convinced, then here … Read More »

Richard Keys, Andy Gray, and Why American Announcers Aren’t as Bad as You Thought

Posted on January 24th, by Daryl in Blog. 1 Comment

Since moving to America in 2005, I’ve heard a lot about how terrible US soccer announcers/presenters are and how wonderful things must be in England. How presenters over here could learn a thing or two from over there. This weekend’s Sky Sports misogyny scandal suggests otherwise.

For those who haven’t been paying attention: Sky Sports in-studio anchor/pundit combo of Richard Keys and Andy Gray didn’t realize they were being recorded while watching Wolves 0-3 Liverpool this past Saturday afternoon, and were caught making several sexist remarks about female assistant referee Sian Massey. Most notably they believed that her lack of penis rendered her unable to understand the offside rule. Listen above. Then punch an inanimate object in frustration (I went with desk).

This isn’t the first scandal involving British presenters being unaware that the red light was on. There was the infamous … Read More »

What to Watch This Weekend

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If ever there were a way to start a weekend off right, it’s happening this Saturday. What better way to start a weekend than to wake up, turn on the television, and watch Wolverhampton and Liverpool attempt to decide who can be slightly less mediocre. In a match that ‘Pool supporter Albert dubbed a “relegation six pointer”, King Kenny’s Disciples will travel to Molineux where Mick McCarthy and Co. will be hoping to extricate themselves (albeit temporarily) from the relegation zone. Should be a ripping good time. Personally, this one isn’t really my cup of tea, mainly because, to quote Aziz Ansari, “I don’t like huge pieces of sh*t in my tea.” So, if like me, Wolves-Pool doesn’t strike your fancy, then there are plenty of other games on television this weekend.

Why USA vs Chile Won’t Be on ESPN, and Why That’s OK

Posted on January 18th, by Daryl in Blog. 15 comments

First the bad news: Saturday’s USA vs. Chile game will not be on ESPN. Or ESPN2. Or even The Ocho.

ESPN have their reasons. The simplest reason is that the game happens Saturday night (10pm Eastern), the same time as Michigan State vs Purude on ESPN and the Australian Open on ESPN2. A USA team of no-name players vs. a similarly starless Chile just can’t compete. And I believe The Ocho shows only dodgeball tournaments.

The slightly more complex reason, at least according to the very trustworthy Steven Goff at the Washington Post is that ESPN’s contract with Soccer United Marketing only allows them to televise a set number of games per year.

With bigger games to come in 2011, like the glamorous friendly vs. Argentina in March (starring Leo Messi as Leo Messi) ESPN decided to pass on USA vs. Chile altogether. … Read More »

The Albert Ottati Rant Box…In Print

Posted on January 18th, by Albert in Blog. 3 comments

Hello All,

I worry that I will not be adequately passionate in print. The process of writing fortunately or perhaps unfortunately lends itself to reflection and therefore editing. The great thing about being on the show, radio or pod version, is the freedom of the moment. I hope in my weekly blog post I will find that freedom and therefore the authenticity of the moment. All right now that we’ve gotten through me being serious, don’t worry it makes me cringe as well, on to the good stuff.

My thinking for this post went like this…holy crap it’s midnight on Monday and I promised a post on Tuesday that leaves me…wait for it…keep waiting…I hate math. Something, something, I f****king need something, and I then looked at a calendar, always dangerous (bills) sometimes rewarding (fixture list), however in this case VERY … Read More »

20 Things I Am/Am Not Willing To Do For £18 Million

Posted on January 17th, by Taylor in Blog. 2 comments

As my future-wife/sugar mama Kristen Wiig taught me in a recent Saturday Night Live sketch, the best way to land a job is to make a solid list of “will dos” (WDs) and “will not dos” (WNDs). Darren Bent is reportedly demanding a transfer from Sunderland to Aston Villa, with the Villains (primary owner Randy Lerner) prepared to dispatch upwards of 18 million British notes. One can only assume that his list of WDs includes “attempt to score goals” and WNDS includes “come cheap”, “stop Twittering”, and “make Fabio Capello’s England squad.”

As Darren Bent seems to prove, modern football owners are more willing than ever to part with their (ahem) hard earned cash if the “price is right”. So, I’m going to seize this opportunity and compile my own list of WD/WNDs for £18 million. I figure at the very … Read More »

“For More Coverage Type ‘MLS’ into Google and I’m Sure You’ll Find Something”

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Did anyone see SportsDome on Comedy Central last week? It was… disappointing. The much anticipated (by me anyway) satirical sports show from The Onion turned out to be too many shallow jokes spread way too thin. Miami Heat’s Big Three want to change the rules of basketball, etc. You could almost see the bottom of the barrel.

However, SportsDome was very much on target with its Major League Soccer bit. Mostly because fake anchors Mark Shepard and Alex Reiser avoided the easy Jim Rome cliché of mocking soccer directly (something The Onion usually has no problem doing) and instead got good mileage out of the co-hosts differing levels of enthusiasm. Shepard (right) wanting to “do more soccer” and offer his opinion on Kenny Cooper, but Reiser (left) happy to plough through four years worth of MLS while getting all the names … Read More »

What To Watch This Weekend

Posted on January 14th, by Taylor in Blog. 3 comments

At long last, all the major European leagues have returned to action and, with the transfer window in full effect, this weekend has some particularly interesting match-ups. That said…

The Total Soccer Show Game of the Week: Manchester City v Wolverhampton Wanderers (Saturday, January 15th @ 10:00am). Join as at Gus’s Bar and Grill (2701 West Broad Street, Richmond, VA) to watch the game/Albert recover from a crippling hangover. Fun for the whole family! Now, the rest of the matches…

Draft Day Drama, MLS Style

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In this day and age of 24/7 media draft surprises seem more and more infrequent.  Every move by every franchise and player is watched and scrutinized with a multitude of eyes.  That’s what made today’s MLS draft interesting and exciting to myself.  To me sports are about the excitement in not knowing what will happen next.  All across the board draft, prognosticators had The Vancouver Whitecaps taking either Darlington Nagbe or Perry Kitchen (both from Akron) with the number one overall pick.

Imagine my surprise when I shrugged off my work for a minute to check the draft standing and see Omar Salgado drafted first over all.  At this point, I have to give my compatriot Albert a little bit of a credit as he said to watch out for this Salgado kid, but I don’t believe even Albert saw the … Read More »

The Wikipedia Game

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At the end of every show we play the Wikipedia Game. It’s a soccer trivia game based loosely on Name That Tune and not so loosely on the Leonard Maltin Game from the Doug Loves Movies podcast. Here’s how it works:

Essentially it’s three contestants (usually Albert, Josh and myself) competing to “name that player”. After a contestant selects a category, the host (usually Taylor) selects a footballer and gives us a few clues from the player’s Wikipedia page and the number of clubs that player played for in his career. We then take it in turns to bid on how many of those clubs we would need to hear to name that player.

Here’s an easy one as an example: If the category was MLS Designated Players, and the clues were “This player is famous for his free-kicks, his multiple hairstyles … Read More »

What To Watch This Weekend

Posted on January 7th, by Taylor in Blog. 4 comments

Another weekend brings another slate of games for your viewing pleasure. It’s cup football time in France and England, while Spain and Italy continue their seasons (with some new faces looking to have an immediate impact). Somehow, the powers that be neglected to include Doncaster v (The Giant Killers) Wolverhampton in the TV schedule, so only three of the four of us here at The Total Soccer Show will be pleased with the lineup. Ah well… Such is life… Anyway, here’s the television schedule for this weekend (with an abbreviated “preview” of United-Pool to follow):

Manchester United vs Liverpool

Posted on January 5th, by Daryl in Blog. 1 Comment

Every weekend (well, almost every weekend) we do our Game of the Week podcast. What that means is: The four of us sit down together, watch a game and then record a podcast immediately afterwards.

The long-term plan is to ask listeners to help us decide which game gets the treatment each weekend. But this weekend, there’s no contest. It’s Manchester United (as supported by Taylor) vs. Liverpool (as supported by Josh, Albert) in the FA Cup 3rd Round. I voted for Doncaster Rovers vs Wolves, but for some reason no one seemed keen.

So we’ll be watching Sunday morning, recording Sunday afrernoon, then releasing the podcast Sunday evening. Subscribe via iTunes to get it, or find it on the Total Soccer Show home page.