Alexi Lalas Interview // May 19 2011

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So… on this past weekend’s show we reviewed the Seattle vs Portland game, and were less than complimentary about ESPN studio analyst Alexi Lalas’ improv skills. Turns out we should be a little more careful who we talk about on our little podcast, because Lalas was listening and was in touch via Twitter to let us know.

Luckily for us, Alexi Lalas has a thick skin and a good sense of humor. So rather than asking how many Total Soccer Show hosts had played against Brazil in the World Cup (as he has), Lalas instead agreed to be a guest on the show and talk about his broadcasting career, his role in American soccer culture, his time with Padova in Italy, the 2011 MLS season, and the possibility of promotion/relegation here in America. Lalas was a gracious guest and an excellent interviewee. Turns out his improv skills are much stronger than we realized.

To close out the show we do a quick preview of the final day of the Premier League season, focused on my beloved Wolves battle against relegation. Fingers crossed. If you’re in Richmond, we’ll be watching Wolves vs Blackburn at Gus’ Bar & Grill on West Broad.

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Things Mentioned on This Show:

Richmond, Virginia now has its own chapter of the US national team supporters group the American Outlaws. Go Richmond. The official watering hole of the Richmond chapter will be, you guessed it, Gus’ Bar & Grill, so think about heading there and getting involved the next time the USA takes the field (which will be the Gold Cup warm up vs. Spain on June 4th, since you ask.)

For our Brazilain names at the start of the show, we used this website. Just enter your first name, last name and shirt number, and the bizarre withcraft that is the internet will give you a Brazilian name. Or it will just add “inho” to the end of your name.

Not specifically mentioned in the show, but given that we mentioned Padova’s relegation battle, it might only be fair to document one of Alexi Lalas’ highlights in Serie A: scoring a goal against AC Milan.

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