CVSA Chat and Team America Redux // Feb 10 2011

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In case you hadn’t heard (we’ve only mentioned it roughly 4,000 times over the past two months), the Total Soccer Show Team is taking their talents to the big time… field.. in Richmond. That’s right, we’re starting an eleven-aside squad composed entirely of listeners and co-hosts. Exciting times, to be sure.

So, as a means to figure out what we should be expecting, we brought in Jesse Smith, President of and Player in the Central Virginia Soccer Association (CVSA). We also discussed the growth of amateur soccer in the United States, the development of the league, and just how big of a headache comes from managing close to 100 teams and roughly 2,000 active members.

Team America: Not Exactly World Police.

After Jesse left us to ponder our fate in the 7th Division, we moved on to a new feature on the show: “The Correspondence of the Week”. Every week, we’ll be selecting one particular TSS Email/Facebook Post/Twiiter comment, and discuss it on the show. The winner receives a brand new, redesigned Total Soccer Show poster, and the Grant Title of “Correspondent of the Week”. This week, the winner was Chris Fuller, who asked (email edited for brevity):

“With a few American owners now having muscled their way into the Premiership, would it be totally inconceivable for some Mark Cuban type to pony up for a lesser-run team in, say, Spain (I’m thinking San Sebastian), and then assemble every notable American star in the galaxy under some brilliant soccer mind’s tutelage?”

We spent a solid chunk of time discussing the possibility of this ever happening (not likely), the ideal location, their hypothetical ranking in the table, and a whole host of other topics culminating in Albert once again getting annoyed with Bob Bradley. And, to close it all out, we play a little Wikipedia Game. This week, topics include: Footballers with a Criminal Record, Footballers in Film, and Club World Cup Winners. Download and enjoy!

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Things Mentioned in This Show:

Here’s some quality television coverage for you: the 1983 NASL Pregame Show for the Tulsa Roughnecks vs. Team America. You have to appreciate that 1) they’re playing on a football field and 2) RFK Stadium clearly hasn’t had a single bit of maintenance since around the time this game was played.

As promised by Daryl, here’s the absolutely stunning trailer to Ally McCoist’s debut film, “A Shot at Glory”. My personal highlight: Michael Keaton AKA Batman’s brilliantly delivered, “This guy’s gonna give us the punch we need, Gordon, to make a run at a cup. DON’T YOU WANNA WIN A CUP!” Overacting at it’s finest. Also, the echoing sound quality is more than impressive.

If anyone ever tries to tell you that Vinnie Jones isn’t deserving of an Academy Award, just point them in the direction of the following clip. Or, as Vinnie himself might put, “TELL ‘EM TO F*** RIGHT OFF AND THEN PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE!”

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