If we had a soccer time machine… // Sep 29 2011

September 30, 2011 Daryl 3 Comments

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If you had a soccer time machine, which team would you go back and see in person? You get one club team and one national team. After that the time machine runs out of time machine juice. Or something. That was the scenario faced by the four Total Soccer Show co-hosts who gathered in studio to debate which teams they would go back and watch.

Here is who each of us picked:

Club Teams

Peyton – Celtic 1966/67 European Cup winning team:

Albert – Arrigo Sacchi’s Milan:

Josh – 1977 Cosmos, featuring Pele:

Daryl – Diego Maradona at Napoli, 1984 to 1991:

Taylor – Manchester United 1968, George Best + Denis Law + Bobby Charlton = European Cup:

National Teams

Peyton – Brazil 1958, with Pele and Garrincha:

Albert – England 1990, especially Paul Gascoigne and that semi-final vs West Germany:

Josh – US MNT ’89, with Paul Caligiuri’s goal:

Daryl – Brazil ’82, and some of the greatest goals you’ve ever seen:

Taylor – France ’98, exemplified by Zidane’s masterclass in the World Cup Final vs. Brazil:

Listen to the full discussion and find out which teams won the vote:

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3 Comments → “If we had a soccer time machine… // Sep 29 2011”

  1. Taylor 2 years ago   Reply

    Sadly, the above equation should read George Best – Denis Law and his knee injury + Bobby Charlton = European Cup… Even so…

  2. David Smith 2 years ago   Reply

    Great show guys. For dirty play see Celtic vs Racing, World Club Championship games. Ugly.

  3. Ryan 2 years ago   Reply

    Great show and awesome to have the accompanying clips all compiled.

    Excuse the tangent, and with all due respect to the voluminous collection of unbelievable plays here, the Diego-Napoli clips are out of this world. I’ve watched highlights of his before but never just the Napoli years. The technical skill borders perfection. Lost in the shuffle of greatness is the BICYCLE KICK HE SCORES WHILE SEATED!!! I SAID HE SCORED A BICYCLE KICK FROM THE GROUND!!! I demand those that didn’t watch the do so, and those that did rewatch, paying particular attention to this play at the 2:06 mark. The best part is an opposing defender opposite the ball clasps his hands in awe/utter defeat and BEGINS CLAPPING.

    Pair this with glimpses of his craziness kicking in and I’m forcing myself into the DeLorean and setting the destination for Naples. He’s doing swat rolls in the training videos! WTF! I would be on the floor laughing at this on a rec league team let alone seeing a top 5 player ever in his prime flopping around like this. He looks like an American football fullback with a permed mullet in the windbreaker and would be the last player I would choose in a pickup game off the streets if I had no idea who he was.

    I will always be a bigger fan of Zizou, and more amazed by Pele, but this is about the best first 5 minutes of a highlight video I’ve seen. All this, combined with the knowledge of his rampant drug use and other off-field endeavors, makes this a no brainer.

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