TSS 224: US Men's National Team All-Time Draft

November 5, 2013 Daryl 8 Comments


To celebrate 100 years of U.S. Soccer, Daryl and Ryan compete to draft the best possible US men’s team of all time. With Josh moderating, Daryl and Ryan take turns selecting players until they have their final XI. Listen to the show and then vote below for whichever team you think is better.


[graphics of the teams coming soon, but for now you'll have to listen with your ears if you want to find out who Daryl and Ryan selected ... ]

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8 Comments → “TSS 224: US Men’s National Team All-Time Draft”

  1. Kyle 5 months ago   Reply

    I would love to hear more of these. I think you should do an all time team for England to even it up for our drafters on the show. Would be great to hear.

    • Daryl 5 months ago   Reply

      Thanks Kyle! We’ll definitely do it again. It’s 150 years of the English Football Association this year, so an all-time England draft is definitely an option. It’s just a question of persuading my anti-Colonial co-hosts …

  2. Bill 5 months ago   Reply

    Begrudgingly voted the Englishman when Borghi was picked in the eighth round = /

  3. OldCastle68 5 months ago   Reply

    Daryl wins this draft, no contest. And it’s not b/c he picked second and somehow still managed to land the US’s all-time leading scorer, two best central midfielders, and best defender. No. It’s b/c Ryan doesn’t know the difference between Eddie Pope’s actual university, UNC (Go heels!), and that abomination of red brick just down the road, nc state, where Tad Ramos went to school.

    Even so, the Total Soccer Show is still the most fun soccer podcast on the interwebs.

    • oldCastle68 5 months ago   Reply

      That’s Tab Ramos. (Probably looks bad correcting someone and then misspelling Tab.)

  4. John 5 months ago   Reply

    As a new fan to the sport I thoroughly enjoyed this topic. Gives history and perspective to someone coming into “the know”. I was always a big fan of all-time baseball lists (as my first sporting love), especially ones that actually considered line-ups. A tourney of 16 or 32 of the all-time best World Cup teams would also be interesting (ie France ’98 – not saying they’re the best, but matching up the best and playing out the tournament). Thanks guys, glad I found your podcast!

  5. Randy 5 months ago   Reply

    Enjoyed the pod cast. Great topic. Had to go with Ryan and not because his dad used to bring him to the bar with after our games and he was barely out of diapers. Nope, purely for the reason he picked players with a better skill set that would play a much better brand of soccer. Couldn’t help but to go check out highlights of Perez, you have to remember the opportunity to watch some of these guys play was rare. Cheers

  6. gary 5 months ago   Reply

    Although I leaned towards Ryan in overall strategy I picked Daryl because of his enthusiastic selection of Frankie Hejduk.

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