TSS 229: Portugal and Germany and Ghana, Oh My!

December 10, 2013 Daryl 3 Comments


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We review MLS Cup 2013, going through Real Salt Lake’s list of “what ifs” (e.g. What if Aurélien Collin had been sent off for all those fouls on Robbie Findley? What if Sebastián Velásquez hadn’t taken his penalty-kick in slow motion?).

We also take a good long look at World Cup Group G. Laura is terrified, Ryan is feeling confident, Daryl tries to decide who’s right. The show closes with the return of the Wikipedia Game, featuring players from Group G.

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3 Comments → “TSS 229: Portugal and Germany and Ghana, Oh My!”

  1. Jay Glenn 4 months ago   Reply

    Just listened to the podcast and I have to say I was disappointed to find Laura so negative about the draw as I usually agree with her, but consider:

    1) The US MNT historically responds when everyone counts them out. The almost universal opinion now is they need not bother to bring much more than an overnight bag. I can’t help but believe they will keep form and rise to the occasion.

    2) We need not get out of the group to earn proper respect. Does anyone really think Ghana is sure to beat us? I don’t. Does anyone think this team is incapable of playing Portugal and even Germany tough? Not me. I think beating or drawing with Ghana and making Germany and Portugal play full-out for 90 minutes will earn us due respect. Also consider that Chile, England and a number of highly respected teams will likely be joining us in the “Eliminated Lounge” at that point.

    3) CONCACAF gives us an advantage over the Europeans. We may be the lesser federation, but we travel long distances regularly to play meaningful games in places like Denver, Guatemala City and Mexico City and get our results. Certainly the opponents will be stronger, but our familiarity with adverse conditions will help level the playing field.

    4) If our goal is to see the US MNT consistently in the top 10 in the world (certainly my goal), our mentality has to change. We need to embrace the chance to make Ghana pay for the last two World Cup matches (and Egypt this year). Let’s worry less about what Ronaldo is going to do to us and focus on what we’re going to do to make Portugal miserable in the tropical heat. Let’s make sure Germany forever thinks twice about playing their A Minus squad against us having already secured passage through to the knockout rounds.

    5) We may be in a group of death, but that also makes it a glamour group. The World will be paying attention to each game we play… even Ghana as anyone who is even vaguely familiar with US MNT history will find that match as compelling as the other two.

    We’re in the World Cup Finals… it’s supposed to be tough. We get to see three HUGELY exciting games… Ghana (past history), Portugal (Best Player in the World in my eyes) and Germany (Best Team in the World… again… in my eyes) on the biggest stage in football. How can one NOT be excited?!

    My own prediction at this ridiculously early moment is we draw with Ghana (1-1) and Portugal (2-2) and lose to Germany (2-1) in heartbreaking but heroic fashion earning recognition and respect as the best team not to make it through.

  2. elliott 4 months ago   Reply

    The MP3 download link is for last week’s pod. D’oh.

    • Daryl 4 months ago   Reply

      Fixed! Thanks Elliott. Computer stuff is hard.

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