USA v. Venezuela Review

January 22, 2012 Albert 2 Comments

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With press pass in hand, Josh was in Arizona to catch the USMNT play Venezuela and interview some players and attend coach Jurgen Klinsmann’s press conference following the game. Hear their thoughts and our reactions as Daryl, Peyton and Albert review the USA vs Venezuela game.

Also on the show: Clint Dempsey sets another record in England, and listener Jonathon Tolbert drops by for some Wikipedia Game.

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2 Comments → “USA v. Venezuela Review”

  1. cj 2 years ago   Reply

    Klinsmann made Jones the thug his captain? I must admit I was shocked when I read this. The guy was banned here (and not even Schalke fans really complained) and Klinsmann rewarded him by making him captain?

  2. Daryl 2 years ago   Reply

    He did, and we were not impressed when we heard. Klinsmann makes an interesting case for why he did so, and that audio is featured in the podcast and then discussed, but it’s not 100% convincing.

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