USA 1, Brazil 4 Review

June 1, 2012 Daryl 2 Comments


We review the USA’s 4-1 loss to Brazil. It wasn’t all bad, and we tell you why.

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  1. Chang 2 years ago   Reply

    Hi guys,

    I fairly enjoyed the USA vs. Brazil game, and I am not a fan of US national team, but merely a follower. Last two games really sparked something inside me and I might one day claim to be USA soccer fan. I like the new style, and enjoy watching Bradley and Johnson very much.

    One of my thoughts on Brazil game is Landon is not a world class player. Like you guys said, he absolutely did nothing in this game. If you are not tracking back, then you gotta be threatening going forward, so that LB (Marcelo) will be pinned back. Marcelo dominated Landon, and I was very sad to see that.

    On first half, you can tell US were relying on Landon going forward, but he failed to produce, but my problem is that’s all US did in the first half. It’s pretty easy to read if you are only concentrating on right side to attack, which brings up the point that Torres did not do enough for me. Only when Dempsey came on, both side of flank were dangerous, and Dempsey or Landon shifted inside and fullback push forward, we looked very dangerous.

    And, do I have to even mention about our defense?? We can say that we were up against one of the best team, but that’s when you gotta do more and show commitment.

    Anyway, good job USA soccer team.

    Sincerely, future US soccer fan.

  2. frantz46 2 years ago   Reply

    I saw a good us team lost to Brazil. Klismann took too long to make the change to give more spark to the team. But I really happy of what I see.

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