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MLS 2011 Eastern Conference Preview // Mar 17 2011

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Everything you need to know about the MLS Eastern Conference before the big kickoff this weekend.

Why Andy Najar Should Probably Play for Honduras

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DC United’s Andy Najar caused a mini-Twitterquake yesterday, when he bilingually asked the world whether he should play his international football for the USA or Honduras. He got a lot of responses (and a lot of new Twitter followers) but didn’t make any big announcements.

The 17-year-old winger was born in Honduras to Honduran parents, but moved to the US (Northern Virginia to be specific) with his family at age 13. Four years later he was MLS 2010 Rookie of the Year and the only bright spot in DC’s otherwise dreadful season. And very much in demand. The USA wants him. Honduras definitely wants him. So he has a big decision to make.

Jason Davis at Match Fit USA has already written about Najar’s tweet, observing (correctly I think) that Najar didn’t really seem to be taking the whole thing all that … Read More »