TSS 218 – TV Characters XI

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Help us pick our TV XI.

Laura, Taylor and Daryl each pick their XI in this week’s podcast:


Voting is now closed. Click here to see who made the final XI.

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What to Watch This Weekend

Posted on April 1st, by Taylor in Blog. 2 comments

Disclaimer: The Total Soccer Show is based in Richmond, Virginia. The four co-hosts all live in Richmond, Virginia. Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) is also based in Richmond, Virginia. So, the obvious game to watch this weekend would be the Final Four match-up of VCU v Butler on Saturday night, with tipoff coming at 6:09pm. However, if you’re looking for some soccer coverage to balance out the weekend, then look no further because there is an absurd amount of good soccer on television this weekend. There are at least 43 games on TV this weekend, including two international tournaments, one international friendly, and matches in 10 different leagues.

What to Watch This Weekend

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If you’re looking to watch some football this weekend, then you’re in luck as there are at least 32 games being broadcast here in the United States. For the record, those competitions span at least nine countries and include four South American U-17 matches. So, it’s going to be a busy weekend for the crew of the Total Soccer Show, with coaching obligations, another CVSA league match to play in/report on, and quite a few interesting matches to watch.

What To Watch This Weekend

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Usually, this space is reserved for a discussion of the matches that are readily available for your viewing pleasure over the course of an entire weekend. This weekend, I’m making an exception and adding two events that deviate from the norm: one is a football match… the other is not.

When deciding the Total Soccer Show Game of the Week (patent pending), we usually review the TV schedule and figure out 1) what game is most interesting and 2) what game is the easiest to watch. Generally, whichever match combines the two most effectively earns top spot (the 2011 NCAA Final being the notable outlier). This weekend? Well, we went a different route.

What To Watch This Weekend

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I’m not sure if it’s the universe rewarding earth for good behavior, but this weekend will see an absurd amount of exciting games take place. There are games in seven leagues on three continents, as well as two international tournaments for your viewing pleasure. So here’s an abbreviated (sort of) list of what to watch for. I’ll be out all weekend, so I’ll be spending a decent amount of time this evening clearing out my DVR in preparation for a packed weekend.