It’s the first episode of the Total Soccer Show’s newest segment: The Interwiki. Daryl and Taylor invite a guest from the soccer community on to the program to discuss his/her activities (the interview) and then play a spirited round of The Wikipedia Game (the Wikipedia). Hence, the InterWiki.

On the inaugural show, George Quraishi of Howler Magazine makes an appearance to discuss the excellent work being done at the publication, as well as on his own podcast, DUMMY. After that, it’s Daryl v George in an adjective-themed trivia competition. Download/stream and enjoy! And be sure to check out Howler Magazine!

We talk El Clasico, Supporters’ Shield, and Louis van Gaal versus Jose Mourinho.

With the 2-2 draw between the LA Galaxy and the Seattle Sounders now in the books (and a very similar fixture just around the corner), Daryl and Taylor review their specific predictions, discuss what went right and what went wrong for both sides, and break down exactly what Boyz II Men brought to the table. The guys also discuss Juan Agudelo’s failed trial at the Wolves, thank donors, and answer listener questions (which range from the history of the substitution rule to a comparison of MLS to European leagues). Download/stream and enjoy!

Daryl and Taylor answer listener questions to review USA vs Honduras, react to Don Garber’s surprise press conference, and preview the upcoming LA Galaxy vs Seattle game(s).

Sunday’s 1-1 draw between Manchester City and Chelsea was a physical affair, to say the least. A total of 28 fouls were called by referee Mike Dean, who also handed out 8 yellow cards and one red card. However, it wasn’t only on the pitch that things were a little feisty. As the teams were filing back onto the field following the halftime interval, City midfielder/tank Yaya Toure elected to greet Chelsea midfielder/tiny rocket Eden Hazard the way, say, a bully might greet his victim.

On the most recent episode of the Total Soccer Show, Daryl and Taylor briefly discussed the incident. Daryl seemed to think it was all in good fun, while Taylor argued that it seemed more like Yaya was attempting to be funny, but something about getting knocked in the head didn’t prove particularly amusing to Hazard. How say you listeners?

Offside Quiz

As discussed on the most recent episode, here is the link to the Sccottish FA’s site that provides trainer videos and quizzes for those seeking to better understand the offside rule. For those who think they’ve already got it mastered, try the difficult setting and prepare to be humbled. Regardless, it’s an excellent way to waste more than a few hours attempting to become the greatest sideline official in history.

As mentioned by Taylor on the most recent show, here’s the Vine of Roy Hodgson that pretty much encapsulates his entire tenure as England manager. It starts out happy, then quickly transitions to confusion and anger, before ultimately settling on befuddled awkwardness.


On the most recent episode of the show, Daryl and Taylor were pondering whether or not they could successfully travel around France for the 2016 Euros simply by mumbling the names of different French internationals. This, naturally, led to a discussion of Christoph Waltz’s claim that he could carry on conversations in Italian despite the fact that he does not actually speak the language. Here is Mr. Waltz on the Adam Carolla Podcast discussing his process for fake-speaking a language (Skip to 1:08:20 for the step-by-step guide).

We spent a long time talking about Sergio Ramos on the new Total Soccer Show, and how everyone only seems to remember his mistakes. Our basic thesis is that Ramos takes risks and gets to the ball first, but everyone only remembers the rare moments when he misses, because they look like horrible errors. The above video highlights the number of times Ramos gets it right.