Daryl and Ryan review Liverpool’s 3-2 win over Manchester City, with Ryan mounting a pretty convincing defense of Vincent Kompany’s performance. We also answer as many questions as possible from the TSS Facebook page.

We preview World Cup Group D using the now famous, and thoroughly scientific, Total Soccer Show method. How do the nicknames, coaches, defenders, attackers, and national anthems of Italy, England, Uruguay, and Costa Rica compare? Listen below to find out:

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That’s right. We grabbed Robert’s Rules of Order, sat around a table, plugged in the mics, and passed motions until we had 23 names to represent the USMNT at World Cup 2014. Listen below to find out who made the final cut.

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Feel inclined to pick your own 23-man USMNT roster? We recommend American Soccer Now’s roster selection tool.

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We’ve got a great USA vs Mexico preview podcast for you, in the form of two guests.

First up, the excellent Matt Tomaszewicz (better known as The Shin Guardian—damn I wish I had a soccer alter ego) goes in-depth on the US lineup. We set the over/under on when Julian Green will enter the game (listen to find out) and Matt explains why a good performance from Maurice Edu could be key to the USMNT’s success this summer. You can read Matt’s full USA vs Mexico preview over at TSG and follow him on twitter @shinguardian.

Our second guest is Tom Marshall. You wouldn’t guess from Tom’s name that he’s a Mexican soccer expert, but that’s why they’re called guesses. Tom is an Englishman who migrated from Manchester (actually Rochdale) to Mexico and now provides English-language coverage of Mexican soccer for ESPN, MLSSoccer.com, Goal.com and more. I also heard a rumor that Tom will be part of ESPN’s TV coverage tonight. That’s called the Total Soccer Show bump. (Not really, but I’m going to pretend that’s what happened, OK?) Tom gives us some background on Puebla’s decision to place DaMarcus Beasley and Michael Orozco Fiscal in international soccer jail, and also spotlights the Mexican players we should be afraid of tonight. You can follow Tom on twitter @mexicoworldcup.

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Look out for our USA vs Mexico review show, with Daryl, Laura, and Taylor, on Thursday morning.

We preview World Cup Group C using the patented, scientific, and not-at-all nerdy Total Soccer Show method. That means we take Colombia, Greece, Ivory Coast, and Japan, and compare them across eight categories – from team nickname to best attacker to national anthem – to determine who we think will go through.

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The boys look back at one of THE great Clasicos, in which Barcelona and Real Madrid served up an absolute treat with a magical Messi filling, with verbal cherries placed on top by the one and only Ray Hudson. We’re also joined by Ben Bromley from BlackandRedUnited.com to talk early-season MLS and how Messrs. Bradley, Dempsey, Defoe, and Edu have started the season.

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World Cup Group B gets the Total Soccer Show treatment, meaning we fill our brains with research about Spain, Netherlands, Chile, and Australia, then fill your ears with informed debate as we compare and contrast those teams across eight different categories. From the best attacker to the best national anthem, this is all the podcast you’ll need to get ready for World Cup Group B.

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It’s the news we all secretly hoped for, but didn’t really think was coming: Julian Green has filed his switcheroo paperwork and will play his international football for the United States of America. Daryl was both excited and confused by this news, so called an emergency podcast session to talk it through with Taylor.

Topics discussed include why Green chose the U.S., why we’re all so excited when we’ve never seen the kid play, and whether or not we think Green will be going to the 2014 World Cup.


No other radio show or podcast previews the World Cup like the Total Soccer Show previews the World Cup. Possibly because no other radio show or podcast has as much time on their hands as the Total Soccer Show does, and we used that time to research players on YouTube, trace the etymology of team nicknames, and figure out likely starting formations for all 32 teams. The result is, we hope, one of the most entertaining and informative guides that you’ll find to the 2014 World Cup.

In the first of eight World Cup preview episodes, we dive deep into Group A, where we find Brazil, Croatia, Mexico, and Cameroon. Which of those teams has the best coach, best defender, best attacker? Which has the best national anthem, best team nickname. Listen below to find out and become an expert in World Cup Group A:

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