TSS co-hosts Taylor, Ryan, Daryl, Laura, Josh and Peyton.

TSS co-hosts Taylor, Ryan, Daryl, Laura, Josh and Peyton. (Albert was out of town.)

The Total Soccer Show is a popular radio show and podcast recorded at WRIR studios in Richmond, Virginia. We are the American soccer talk show we wanted to listen to but couldn’t find on iTunes.

Mission Statement

We are informative but entertaining. That means we are a team of co-hosts who’ve always done their homework and always have interesting thoughts to offer. The conversation is fast, lively and funny, because that’s how people talk. We want to make you think and we want to make you laugh.

We refuse to settle for empty cliches. Jozy Altidore had a good game. Great, but anyone can say that. We go beyond the bland statement to discuss exactly how and why we think Jozy Altidore had a good game.

We are American soccer fans. That means we love the U.S. national teams, but we are interested in any high-quality soccer that is available to fans in the U.S. That means the English Premier League, La Liga, the Champions League and more, including Major League Soccer.

For every show, we watch one game together, then discuss it in detail. Like a book club, but with drinking. If we don’t discuss a game then that means we are doing one of our special feature shows, be it building a Frankenstein’s monster out of the greatest players of all time, picking the Best XI of the 1990s, or debating the differences between British and American soccer terminology.


We record a new show every Monday, to be broadcast on WRIR 97.3 fm the following day, but available as a podcast immediately.

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Who We Are

TSS started in August 2009 after Taylor and his new British buddy Daryl pitched the show to Richmond radio station WRIR. Albert and Josh joined in 2010 and Peyton in 2011, Laura made us co-ed in 2012 and Ryan joined in 2013 because we wanted someone who had been paid to play soccer.

Taylor Rockwell
Taylor is at home dribbling into defenders, dribbling into midfielders, or dribbling out of bounds. The Richmond, Virginia native is also prone to engaging in a battle of wits with Daryl Grove, to whom he generally loses. In his free time, Taylor enjoys whiskey, Manchester United, and monitoring the life progress of Albert Ottati.

Daryl Grove
Elegant. Technical. Goalscorer. Not one of those words has ever been used to describe Daryl. He’s your standard-issue head-it-and-kick-it away English centre-half, with occasional delusions of midfield grandeur. Once claimed he could beat John Terry in a race. Will slide tackle for food.

Josh Stankus
Diver /ˈdɑɪ·vər/ noun
Someone who collapses in the box in an ill-advised attempt to earn a penalty kick.

Josh is also the TSS newshound, sniffing the internet for the latest USMNT-related stories.

Albert Ottati
The creator and sole contributor to the “Albert Ottati Rant Box”, Albert is a devoted Alabama/UNC/Liverpool/Redskins fan, and was on hand the one time Maxi Rodriguez ever did anything worthwhile.

Ottati often states, without irony, that he found the 2009 Champions League Inter vs Barcelona defend-fest “thrilling.”

Peyton Siddall
An out-and-out goal poacher, Peyton says he has never been offside (an impressive feat for a striker) and enjoys taunting ARs who cannot stay with the last man. Became the show’s go-to tactical expert in 2011 after swallowing a copy of Jonathan Wilson’s “Inverting the Pyramid” and having ZonalMarking.net piped directly into his cerebral cortex.

Laura Coutts
As the show’s lone female voice, Laura has taken up the duties of organizing carpools, distributing orange slices at half time, and wiping up Taylor’s tears when things don’t go his way. The show’s biggest USWNT fan, and founding member of the TSS Abby Wambach Fan Club.

Ryan HeinsRyan Heins
Ryan played four years of college soccer at Temple and was a pro in the USL for five years, which is how he ended up in RVA. He brings the Total Soccer Show some much-needed legitimacy and insight. But he’s 100% wrong about DaMarcus Beasley.